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Frequently Asked Question Posted 09/19/2012

How can I back up MovieSlate shot data?

Using your free MovieSlate Cloud membership is the fastest way to make a backup of your current shot data and preferences. A MovieSlate Cloud Level 1 monthly subscription allows you to maintain multiple backups that can be restored across your devices.

You can manually backup your MovieSlate shot data and preferences by using iOS File Sharing. You'll need to connect your iOS device to your computer running Apple's iTunes software.

Follow Apple's instructions for iOS File Sharing:

Click on the MovieSlate icon in the Apps list. MovieSlate's shot data is stored in the userdata.sql file. Save that file on your computer in a safe place you can find again easily. Photo and Audio notes are stored as individual JPGs and CAFs in the same MovieSlate Documents list.

Use cases:

* You purchase a new iDevice and wish to copy your data to your new device after you've installed MovieSlate. See the section of the Apple iOS File Sharing page entitled "How to copy files from your computer to your iOS app"

* You accidentally deleted MovieSlate from your device and wish to restore data from an earlier backup.

* The MovieSlate app will not launch because the settings file has been corrupted. The only remedy here is to backup your data, delete MovieSlate from your device and then re-install MovieSlate from the App Store.

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