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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have them, here are answers to the common ones.

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1 Q. How do I upgrade to MovieSlate 8? Posted 07/20/2017 Sales
2 Q. My iPhone / iPad / iPod touch is running out of power at the end of my shooting day, what are some ways I can save power? Posted 12/07/2016 General
3 Q. Is MovieSlate compatible with Pomfort Silverstack? Posted 12/07/2016 General
4 Q. How can I back up MovieSlate shot data? Posted 10/20/2016 General
5 Q. I deleted MovieSlate 7, how can I restore it to my device? Posted 10/06/2016 General
6 Q. Remembering Sarah Jones Posted 03/21/2014 General
7 Q. Why did my Timecode Sync plugin stop working after I upgraded to iOS 7? Posted 10/23/2013 Plugins
8 Q. I'm having trouble getting MovieSlate to appear on camera in sunlight, what can I do? Posted 06/18/2013 Troubleshooting
9 Q. I want to sync multiple iOS devices with MovieSlate but I'm on location and there is no Wifi access, what can I do? Posted 03/13/2012 Timecode Sync
10 Q. Will MovieSlate support the new XML format introduced by Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 update? Posted 02/02/2012 General
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