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Get KeyClips for macOS.
The KeyClips 1.0.7 app is free to MovieSlate 8 customers who want to organize their Final Cut Pro X footage using Movieslate Shot + Keyword Log Data.
Get MovieSlate 8 for iOS.
Purchase from the App Store app on iOS devices.
Install MovieSlate 8 on any iOS device associated with the AppleID used for the original purchase. Image: App Store badge

Get Optional Features— from MovieSlate’s In-App Store

Add new capabilities to enhance your particular workflow.

Buy once. Restore on multiple devices.
Once purchased, enable optional features (for free) on any iOS device associated with the AppleID used for the original purchase. From MovieSlate’s In-App Store, tap the “Restore” button, and enter your iTunes credentials when prompted.
Buy Features from MovieSlate’s In-App Store.
Purchase optional features within the MovieSlate 8 app itself. Run the app, then tap “Settings” in the tab bar at the bottom of the screen. Scroll to the top of the Settings screen and tap on “MovieSlate Store”.
Script Dept includes all Pro Features.
Script Dept is a Subscription which includes all Pro Features listed below. So there’s no need to purchase both.
Script Dept— for Script Supervisors.
Log notes, shoot days, script revisions, and timings. Mark script PDFs (with stylus support). Generates daily reports, incuding your marked scripts. Learn More    FAQs
KeyClips— keyword logging for Final Cut Pro X.
Log keywords, markers and notes on the KeyClips screen in MovieSlate. On macOS, our KeyClips app matches log data with FCPX clips, organizing media into Final Cut Pro X events, folders, selects, and sequences— with notes, markers, shot+production metadata, and optional bottom-third titles. Learn More    FAQs
Pro Features— everything but Script Dept.
Available as a Subscrption. Get low-cost monthly access to all Pro Features (except Script)— great for professionals to enable only when working, or students to enable only for film class.
Available as a Single Purchase. Enjoy the simplicity of a single-purchase to enable all Pro Features on all your iOS devices for the life of the MovieSlate 8 app.
Camera Sync — for ARRI + RED.
Wirelessly sync camera metadata and remotely control ARRI Alexa and RED Scarlet/Epic/Weapon cameras. Start/stop recording, and change camera exposure + settings. Learn More    FAQs
Sound Department + Recorder Sync.
Log + Report. Generate stunning Sound Reports after effortlessly logging metadata. Learn More    FAQs
Control + Sync with Recorders. Sync metadata and start/stop recording using Sound Devices 6-series recorders. Sync slate data to select Zaxcom recorders. Learn More    FAQs
Reality MultiCam.
Simultaneously log data and notes for up to 26 cameras. Generates MultiCam Report and exports to Final Cut Pro X (from KeyClips app) and to Avid Media Composer. Learn More    FAQs
Timecode + Data Sync.
Cabled Sync of LTC timecode with compatible cameras, sound recorders, and timecode generators. Learn More    FAQs Wireless Timecode Sync with Timecode Systems WiFi Hubs. Wireless Chat + Data + Timecode Sync with other MovieSlate 8 apps on the LAN (Internet not required). Learn More    FAQs
App Sync + Remote Control.
WiFi sync data + timecode between MovieSlate 8 apps; and remotely control one app from another. Learn More    FAQs
Denecke TS-TCB Slate Sync.
Wirelessly sync timecode, userbits, and FPS with a physical Denecke TS-TCB slate. Display leader/end roll credit data with on the TS-TCB slate’s second LED screen. Learn More    FAQs
MovieSlate Cloud Pro.
Expanded backup/restore and enhanced data sharing with colleagues with MemberShare and Group Sharing features. Learn More    FAQs
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