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Music to your ears

MovieSlate automates your Music Video shoots.

Music Video is easy with MovieSlate…
Start by syncing music to your iOS device’s iTunes/iPod library.

Choose a song.
Open MovieSlate’s “Music Video” screen.
On iPad:
tap the slate’s timecode display, then the keypad’s music note button.
On iPhone/iPod touch:
tap the Music Video tab at the bottom of the screen instead (you may have to tap the More tab first).

Set Start/End points.
Drag the start/end sliders, or tap the timecode display for more precise control.

Start the Shot.
MovieSlate plays the chosen song back from the Start point, and automatically stops the shot and the song playback when the End point is reached.

Remote Playback.
When WiFi Syncing to iPads (using the optional Pro Features subscription), song info is sent to the receiving iPad. If the receiving iPad’s music library contains the playback song, then the music will play on both devices when the shot starts.

End the Shot.
The slate’s timecode is reset to the song’s Start point.

Next Take.
MovieSlate continues to use the same song Start/End points.

Next Scene.
Start a new Scene by editing the song’s Start/End points. Handy trick: when you drag the Start point slider past the End point slider, the old End point becomes the new Start point.

MovieSlate plays back a portion of a song for a take. MovieSlate automatically syncs its timecode to your song, and starts/stops music playback when the shot starts/stops.

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