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Denecke TS-TCB slate

A Denecke Slate with a built-in Timecode Buddy. Sync timecode, metadata, clap events with MovieSlate.

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Denecke TS-TCB slate
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The Denecke TS-TCB is much like the iconic Denecke TS-3, but with a complete Timecode Buddy master built-in.

So you can rely on highly accurate timecode generation that you’ve come to expect from Denecke and Timecode Systems.

The slate’s built-in WiFi syncs timecode, metadata, and clap events with MovieSlate.

And the slate’s built-in RF transceiver syncs timecode with cameras equipped with a Timecode Buddy mini.

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Roll Credits

MovieSlate’s credit roll feature can be configured to display metadata “credits” simutaneously in the app and on the Denecke TS-TCB’s bottom display:

Sticks Open = when sticks are opened
Sticks Clap = when sticks close
Shot Ends = when MovieSlate ends a shot
Default = when sticks are closed and no shot is in progress
View credits animation
Click to play

From MovieSlate, you can configure exactly which metadata will appear, in what order, and how long each credit should appear.

Image: Denecke TS-TCB Smart Slate
Slates in Sync
Denecke TS-TCB physical slate (above left) syncs timecode, claps, metadata with the MovieSlate iOS app (on right).
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