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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have them, here are answers to the common ones.

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1 Q. What has changed in MovieSlate 8.9.15? Posted 10/17/2019 Release Notes
2 Q. What is QuineBox™IoT? Posted 12/09/2017 Documentation
3 Q. How can I back up MovieSlate shot data? Posted 10/20/2016 General
4 Q. I deleted MovieSlate 7, how can I restore it to my device? Posted 10/06/2016 General
5 Q. I've exported my shot log from MovieSlate to Final Cut Pro 7 XML format, now what do I do with it? Posted 02/03/2012 Documentation
6 Q. How can I print MovieSlate reports directly from my iOS Device? Posted 12/01/2011 Documentation
7 Q. Do you have a user guide for MovieSlate? Posted 10/06/2011 Documentation
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