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Secure Project-level between registered member colleagues

How do I Share a Project?

Simple. Open MovieSlate’s Settings > MSCloud screen, then tap Send Shared Data.

Choose Share via MovieSlate Cloud. Choose one or more projects.

Enter your friend’s email address. Your friend must be a MSCloud member (and registration is free).

Tap the Share button.

I don’t have an internet connection, can I still share?

Yes! MovieSlate supports Project Sharing over AirDrop.

Open MovieSlate’s Settings > MSCloud screen, then tap Send Shared Data.

Tap Share via AirDrop. Choose one or more projects.

From the iOS Sharing panel, wait for your AirDrop target to appear, then tap the icon.

Your AirDrop target will display menu with options to open the Project, choose MovieSlate 8.

MovieSlate will then display the Receive Share Data screen with options to Replace or Merge data.

How does my Friend get the Shared Project?

Your friend will receive an invitation email, open it, and copy its 'Share Code' (which uniquely identifies the shared data, sender, and recipient).

Your friend opens MovieSlate’s Settings > MSCloud screen, taps Receive Shared Data, and pastes or types the Share Code.

Then your friend can choose which shared data to import. They can choose one or more Projects you’ve included, import the production image, and audio or photo notes.

They can also choose to override their existing settings with yours, allowing them to send Reports to the addresses you’ve specified in your project.

Why Share Projects?

Got a friend substituting for you today? No problem. Just share your most recent project with your friend. And at the end of the day, your friend can share the updated project with you.

Need to get a project from the iPad on your sound cart to your iPhone for running gun? Easy. From your iPad, share the project with yourself. From your iPhone, import the shared project.

What is Project Sharing?

Share your project data with other MovieSlate Cloud members-- even those without a Pro Features subscription. To share a project, you must be a Pro Features subscriber.

Why not use Backup/Restore?

When data is Restored from a MSCloud Backup, it replaces all the existing MovieSlate data stored on an iOS device.

But Shared Project data instead gets added to the existing data on an iOS device.

Data Security

Shared data is encrypted in MovieSlate Cloud. Only the friends you specify can receive the shared data.

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