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The video demonstrates how to enter production and shot information.

Shown are some features that were introduced in MovieSlate 8:

* Swipe numeric fields to increment/decrement
* Set a custom production graphic
* Snippets
* Field Input Styles

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User Guide
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Demonstrates various techniques:

* Starting a shot
* Ending a shot
* False takes
* Credits animations
* Flasher graphics
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Timecode Sync
See the Timecode Sync plugin in action:

* Receive timecode from external devices
* Send timecode to external devices
* WiFi sync between MovieSlates on iOS devices
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Demonstrates shortcuts for entering camera meta-data quickly:

* Shutter speed
* Aperture (increment F-stops)
* Feet/Inches
* Snippets
* Automated file naming
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Music Video
Demonstrates how to use Music Video mode on iPads as well as iPhones/iPod touches:

* Syncing music
* Choosing music
* Setting start/end points
* Starting takes
* Moving start/end points
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Shot Notes
Demonstrates how to:

* Take notes before, during, after a shot
* Camera notes
* Voice notes
* Snippets and Snippet groups
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Sound Dept
Demonstrates the Sound Department plugin in action:

* Setting production and shot data
* Project meta-data (that appears in reports)
* Snippets
* Sound file names
* Sound tracks
* Sound reports
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Purchase Plugins
See how to:

* Purchase plugins directly from the MovieSlate app
* Restore purchases on your other iOS devices
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MS Cloud
Demonstrates the features of the MovieSlate Cloud service:

* Shot Data Backups
* Workspace / Settings Sharing
* Data Sharing
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Denecke TS-TCB
See how the new Denecke TS-TCB smart slate works with MovieSlate over WiFi to sync timecode, start shots with clappersticks, and choose credits to display on the slate's second digital display.
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See how MovieSlate's Reality Multicam PRO feature can help your reality workflow by logging up to 26 cameras with ratings, notes, camera roll, and camera operator.
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Script Dept
Script Supervisors: deftly log data while lining scripts. Save precious time with smart tools + reports.

This video demonstrates the features of the MovieSlate 8 Script Dept subscription.

* Line Scripts
* Logging Data
* Taking Notes
* Creating Reports
Credits Productions
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