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Frequently Asked Question Posted 09/15/2020

The iPad's internal speaker is not loud enough to hear, can I use an external speaker?


You can connect a cable from the headphone port, lightning headphone adapter or USB-C headphone adapter of your iOS device to an external speaker.

You can connect a standard Bluetooth speaker to your iOS device and MovieSlate will route audio to it.

You can also cast audio to AirPlay and AirPlay 2 devices and speakers like the AppleTV and HomePod.

MovieSlate can also route your music to external speakers in Music Video mode. Select your track as usual, tap the Markers button to hide the marker list. Next to the volume slider you will see the AirPlay button:

Image: MovieSlate Music Video Mode AirPlay button

Tap that button and select an available audio output source:

Image: MovieSlate Music Video Mode AirPlay Output selection

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