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Frequently Asked Question Posted 10/12/2015

I deleted MovieSlate 7, how can I restore it to my device?

First, make sure your iOS device has an internet connection.

• Run the iOS Settings app.
• Tap App and iTunes Stores.
• Sign in with the Apple ID used for the original purchase.
• Run the iOS App Store app.
• Tap the Updates tab.
• Tap Purchased (the top row).
• Tap My Purchases (the top row).
• Swipe down to reveal the search box.
• Search for MovieSlate.
• Tap the cloud icon to download the app.

Or you can restore MovieSlate 7 from iTunes on your Mac or PC. Here's how:

• Run iTunes on your Mac or PC.
• Cable-connect your iOS device to your Mac or PC.
• Choose your iOS device (by tapping its icon at the top of the screen).
• Click the' "Apps" button in the sidebar under your device's icon.
• Locate MovieSlate 7 in the list.
• Click the "Install" button next to MovieSlate 7.
• Click the "Sync" button at the bottom of the screen.

If you purchased MovieSlate 7 plugins, you can restore those as well. Here's how:

• Make sure your iOS device has an internet connection.
• Run the MovieSlate7 app on your iOS device.
• Tap the Settings tab.
• Tap "MovieSlate Store".
• Tap the RESTORE button (at the top of the screen).
• Enter your AppleID information when prompted.
• Wait a moment, and the plugins will be restored.

If MovieSlate 7 is working for you then by all means keep using it. But please note that MovieSlate 7 was written two years before iOS 9, and is not a 64-bit app (an Apple requirement).

MovieSlate 8 is the iOS 9- and 10-compatible version going forward.

You can purchase MovieSlate 8 from the App Store. Here’s a link to a Migration Guide to help you move your MovieSlate 7 data over to MovieSlate 8:

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