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The MovieSlate app for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

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Save time and money.
This professional film and video production tool is the easy way to log footage and take notes as you shoot— saving you valuable time later when capturing/editing, and creating reports. All at a mere fraction of a bulky digital clapperboard’s cost.
How MovieSlate can help you.

MovieSlate is a slate and clapper board—
traditional movie-making tools for syncing picture with sound, and photographing shot/production info when starting and ending takes.

MovieSlate logs notes and info
effortlessly as you shoot. With accurate notes, you’ll save time by capturing only the good footage during post production.

MovieSlate exports
notes and logs to files of various formats— so you can:
  • Generate Daily Shot Reports
  • Maintain long-term History Archives
  • Ingest shot data into Apple Final Cut Pro 7 & X, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere and Prelude, and Blackbird (formerly FORScene).
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