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Reports: share the logs

Email history and notes in various formats. Import data into spreadsheets, databases, and editing suites.

Avid ALE (and Locators).
Exports two files for import into Avid Media Composer:
  • MovieSlate Clips.ale - shot and ASC CDL color data
  • MovieSlate Locators.txt - shot Notes
Download report
Premiere Batch.
Exports a “MovieSlate Premiere Batch.csv” file containing shot data and notes. Download report
Camera Report.
Displays logged camera information broken down by day and by camera. Download report
MultiCam Report.
Displays logging information for multiple cameras. This report is part of the MultiCam Pro Feature (subscription required). Download report
PDF Reports.
You can choose to automatically send any HTML-based report (Formatted HTML, Sound, and Camera reports) as a PDF instead.
Report Immediately.
Save time when running reports by pre-choosing your preferred report format, contents, and recipient lists from MovieSlate’s Settings screen.
New in MovieSlate 8: use AirDrop on iOS to transfer your report to a nearby Mac. Or use Dropbox or iCloud Drive to store and distribute your report.
New in MovieSlate 8: use AirPrint on iOS to print your report on AirPrint-supported printers.
Formatted HTML.
An easy-to-read report that can be viewed in any computer web browser. To view the report, drag the HTML file to your web browser application’s icon on your computer. Include up to 6 custom data fields. Download report
MovieSlate XML.
The recommended format for importing MovieSlate shot log History into sophisticated external databases, and application programs such as Pomfort’s Silverstack. Download report
CSV & Plain Text.
These popular, venerable formats are suitable for importing shot log History into computer spreadsheets or databases. Include up to 6 custom data fields. Download report
Sound Report.
A sound mixer’s daily report for use by Post Production. This report is part of the Sound Department Pro Feature (subscription required). Download report
Prelude Marker Notes.
Import marker notes into Adobe Prelude CS 6 and later. Download report
Final Cut Pro 7.
Contains Shot and Notes data for import into Final Cut Pro 7. Imported are clip bins, timelines, and shot notes (as timeline and clip markers). Download report
Final Cut Pro X.
Use the KeyClips app to organize your media into events, folders, selects, and sequences— with notes, markers, shot+production metadata, and optional bottom-third titles. Learn more
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