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Frequently Asked Questions

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21 Q. I'm having trouble getting MovieSlate to appear on camera in sunlight, what can I do? Posted 06/18/2013 Troubleshooting
22 Q. I want to sync multiple iOS devices with MovieSlate but I'm on location and there is no Wifi access, what can I do? Posted 03/13/2012 Timecode Sync
23 Q. What does M.O.S. stand for? Posted 11/01/2011 General
24 Q. How did you shoot your website's videos? Posted 11/01/2011 General
25 Q. Is there an iPad-optimized version of MovieSlate? Posted 10/06/2011 General
26 Q. Why does MovieSlate’s speaker button seem to mute the volume? Posted 10/06/2011 General
27 Q. How do I remove the MovieSlate application from my iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch? Posted 10/06/2011 General
28 Q. I just purchased the MovieSlate app on my computer. How do I install the app? Posted 10/06/2011 Sales
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