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Frequently Asked Question Posted 06/18/2013

I'm having trouble getting MovieSlate to appear on camera in sunlight, what can I do?

There are a number of things we recommend you do when shooting outside in bright daylight:

In MovieSlate > Settings > Slate Appearance:

  • Change the slate background to black, this automatically changes the slate font color to white-- creating a higher-contrast background-to-foreground.

  • Set the Timecode Color to White or green.

  • Set the Timecode Font to "Denecke Bold" or "MovieSlate Bold Italic".

  • Turn off ghosted timecode elements (appears in the Timecode Font setting).

  • Change the Slate Font to a bold/black and blocky sans-serif typeface.

  • Use the "Classic Zebra Wide" Clapper stick design.

  • Change the Flash Graphic away to white or choose one of the larger-scale images like "Gray Card" or "Color Bars, EIA".

  • Consider using MovieSlate's Leader Roll feature to flash on screen important data in large type that is easier for the camera to capture.

  • TIP: Save the preceding changes as a New Theme, that way you've got a "Daylight" set of choices for quick access.

    Some other recommendations:

  • Set the screen brightness to maximum (but be aware of the extra power drain on your battery).

  • When shooting the slate, angle the screen towards the ground to reduce glare.

  • Put an anti-glare or matte screen protector on the device to reduce reflections.

  • Consider a hood for the iPad, or a case with a rigid screen cover that can double as a shade for the screen.

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