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Frequently Asked Question Posted 05/23/2022

I lost access to my Pro Features or Script Dept features!

First test to see if your Pro Features or Script Dept subscriptions are active by tapping MovieSlate's Settings > Tabs. If you see "Sound Dept" listed there then a Pro Features subscription is definitely active. If you see "Script Dept" listed there then a Script Dept subscription is definitely active. If "Sound Dept" or "Script Dept" are listed there, then make sure they have checkmarks next to them (tap on them to add a checkmark) to ensure those screens can be selected from MovieSlate's tabbar.

If your subscription is not active, then go to MovieSlate's Settings > MovieSlate Store, and tap the blue "Restore" button in the "Restore Purchases" section. The App Store will ask for your Apple ID username and password and then contact Apple's servers for permission to enable the Pro Features or Script Dept subscriptions.

If that doesn't restore your subscription, then you may need to contact Apple Support. In that case, first open the App Store app, tap on your account avatar in the corner, then tap on your account (the first line with your name), then scroll down to the Purchase History item. That area shows all purchases made on your Apple ID account regardless of what type they are. If Apple has a billing issue it should be shown in red text somewhere in that process. If you see your MovieSlate (Pro Features or Script Dept) subscription purchase listed there then contact App Store support ( to resolve any billing issues.

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