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Frequently Asked Question Posted 10/22/2020

I've upgraded to iOS / iPad OS 14 and I can no longer sync to other MovieSlate apps or my WiFi timecode source, how do I resolve this?

With iOS / iPadOS 14 Apple has introduced a new privacy control you can use to restrict an app's access to other devices on your local WiFi network. You need to give MovieSlate permission to access the local network in order to sync with other devices running MovieSlate or WiFi timecode devices.

Advisory for MovieSlate 8.9.23 and earlier:

To regain connectivity to local network devices on iOS / iPadOS 14 you will need to update to version 8.9.24.

Advisory for MovieSlate 8.9.24:

1) Open MovieSlate, go to Settings > Tabs. Enable the "Video" tab if it is not already enabled.

2) Tap on the Video tab in MovieSlate's tool bar. In the upper-right corner tap Connect.

iOS should display a local network permissions prompt similar to the following:

Image: iOS Local Network Privacy Permission Prompt

Tap OK. You should now be able to sync with WiFi timecode sources like the Timecode Systems Wave/Pulse smart hub and the BETSO WTCS-1 WiFi timecode slate as well as other MovieSlates sending sync data over the network.

Beginning with MovieSlate 8.9.25 you should receive the Local Network permissions prompt the first time you open MovieSlate on your iOS / iPadOS 14 device.

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