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Frequently Asked Question Posted 11/19/2011

What has changed in MovieSlate 8.9.8?

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MovieSlate 8.9.8 Release Notes:

• Settings > History Reports - added a new Camera Report

• Settings > History Reports > Report Contents - added Camera Operator and DAY fields.

• Settings > Shot Log History > GPS Locations:
+ Added "Refresh when App Opens".
+ Added "Refresh at Interval".

• Settings > History Reports > Email TO/BCC:
+ Added "+" button to create Email Groups not associated with any project.
+ To delete an Email Group, remove all its email addresses.

• Settings (iPad) - selected category (left panel) is once again properly highlighted.

• Settings > History > Send Reports via Email - can now choose Email Group(s) for TO/BCC.

• History > Shots List > Edit mode:
+ Removed ability to swipe and accidentally delete shots.
+ Tapping a row now simply selects it.
+ Tap the trashcan button to delete selected rows.
+ Added new Ⓣ button to circle/uncircle selected shots.

• History > Search & Replace DAY field - related Script Dept scenes are now also updated.

• Slate screen:
+ Added DAY field.
+ Fixed issue where some fields did not initially respond to taps.

• Sound Dept (iPad):
+ Added new RNOTE (Sound Roll Notes) field.
+ Sound Reports now include "Sound Roll Notes" (if any).

• Script Dept: updated PDF Editing engine (bug fixes and optimizations).

• Camera > Sync to Camera > Enter RED IP Address (iPhone) -
keypad now includes a decimal point key.

• RED Camera Sync - updated to RCP SDK v6.0.36 (compatible with DSMC firmware v5.2.7 or later).

MovieSlate 8.9.7 Release Notes:

• Settings:
+ Added Search box above the list of settings categories.
+ MovieSlate Cloud > Send Shared Data - now via AirDrop or MSCloud.
+ Added "Auto-Correct Notes" to Settings > Shot Log History > History Notes.
+ Added "Show Ⓣ Circle Take" to Settings > Shot Log History > History Notes.

• History:
+ Notes Editor - Ⓣ button can now appear when logging a shot (a Settings preference).
+ Layout optimizations for larger iPad screen sizes.
+ Added "Start/End Take" button - visible only when logging from Script Dept on iPad.

• Script Dept:
+ Updated the PDF Editing engine.

• Reports:
+ HTML Reports - added thumbnails for image notes.
+ Sound Dept Reports - each note within a take now has its own color.

• Fixed several bugs.

MovieSlate 8.9.6 Release Notes:

• Qualified for use with iOS 12.

• Added support for the latest iPhone & iPad screen sizes.

• Pro Features - can now wirelessly sync with UltraSync Blue timecode generators (from Timecode Systems).

• Settings:
+ Timecode + Sync - added "UltraSync Blue" device pairing name text field.
+ Script Dept - added new "MovieSlate Cloud Backup" contents preferences.
+ Script Dept - added "Edit Notes in Field".
+ Script Dept - added "Apple Pencil Double-Tap Action" (for iOS 12.1 or later).
+ History Reports - added "Archives in MSCloud Backups".

• MovieSlate Cloud:
+ Restore - list of backups appears more quickly than before.
+ Restore - user preferences are once again fully restored.
+ Backup - no longer doing incremental backups.
+ Send Shared Data - fixed unresponsive keyboard.
+ Several bug fixes.

• Script Dept:
+ Updated the PDF Editing engine.
+ Setup - DATE field no longer includes time (after choosing a date).
+ Setup - Share menu > Other Scripts - can now be shared without also generating reports.
+ Setup - Progress Report - ShotToDate count now includes ShotToday scenes not also shot on prior days.
+ Logging - Stopwatch button now saves a final LAP when Lap-Timer is running.
+ Logging - user interface is no longer hidden when tapping outside a field being keyboard edited.
+ Logging - added Share/Action button to thumbnail grid screen.
+ Logging - the "Clear SETUP field" setting now fully behaves as intended.
+ Markup - pasted annotations now honor the current state of the PUBLIC/PRIVATE tool.
+ PDF Import - now showing a warning about large PDFs that should be optimized.
+ History (iPad) - INT/EXT/NITE/MOS now appears on the DATA 1-6 panel.
+ Reports - Take Notes now honor the "Preserve Note Line Breaks" Settings preference.

• HTML History Reports - are now properly generated when long report names contain accented characters.
• XML History Reports - added new 'gmtInfo' field.
• Other bug fixes, including a pair of crashes.

MovieSlate 8.9.5 Release Notes:

• iOS 9 is no longer supported due to several code libraries used in MovieSlate.

• Pro Features - can now wirelessly sync with Tentacle Sync E timecode generators.

• Script Dept:
+ PDF > Edit > rename file - periods are no longer automatically replaced with spaces.
+ Reports > Progress > Shoot Days - only shows days for which shots were actually logged.
+ Adding/Editing Scene Notes no longer creates bogus "Untitled" projects and shots.

• Settings > Tabs - fixed issue where tabs could sometimes be listed multiple times.

MovieSlate 8.9.4 Release Notes:

• MSCloud > Restore:
+ HUD now appears immediately before attempting the download.
+ Fixed issues with Script PDF immediately after a data restore.

• Settings > Workspaces > Plus button - changed timing for keyboard appearance.

• Settings > Script Dept > Tramlines > Line Spacing - increased maximum spacing.

• Script Dept > Setup Screen:
+ Added ability to rename PDFs: tap the PDF field, then Edit, then a document row.
+ Fixed date/time formatting issue affecting users running iOS 9 in Spanish.

• Script Dept > Setup Screen > Reports:
+ Report viewer - can now double-tap eraser tool to change eraser size.
+ Script PDF - now properly handles PDFs containing a single page.

• Script Dept > Logging > Scene > PAGE# > Build New Facing Page:
+ Now properly un-highlighting the Scene button afterwards.

MovieSlate 8.9.3 Release Notes:

• False Take button - removes the TAKE's "FT" prefix (if any) after saving the False Take to History.

• History (iPad) > Edit Date/Time - now refreshes the shot list sorting.

• History > CSV Reports - now properly escaping quotation marks.

• Slate screen > Music Video:
+ Settings > Appearance - added "Music Video" section.
+ Added "Start Playback" button to top clapper stick.
+ Added large current Marker text to bottom clapper stick.
+ Timecode display > Green marker - offsets are now relative to current Marker.
+ Editor > Play/Pause button - refreshes properly again.
+ Editor > New Marker > Done button - no longer moves the music playhead.
+ Start & End Markers are now auto-created when choosing songs.

• Insert Headphone Jack > Sync Timecode - fixed app crash.

• External Clappersticks sound and movement detection:
+ Detection now starts 1.5 seconds after the "Detect External Sticks" button is tapped.
+ Settings > Behavior > Shot Triggers - sensitivity can now be set 4x greater than before.

• Sound Dept Reports - improved pagination.

• MovieSlate Cloud:
+ Backups - are now incremental, so can be faster to upload/download.
+ Groups - manage groups in-app; to share Backups among members (Pro Feature).
+ Backups Group Sharing - bug fixes (as a result: you'll have to re-share Backups).

• Notes editor:
+ Added command-delete (physical) keyboard shortcut to clear note text.
+ Moved the clear note button (round "x") down and left (on iPad).

• Script Dept Logging > SSCEN > Plus button > More Scenes > Plus button:
+ New scenes can now be entered as a comma-delimited list.
+ New scenes can now be entered with a "pt" suffix to indicate "PARTIAL" scene.

• Script Dept > Progress Report:
+ First Shot After Lunch - is now correct when lunch has an ending time.
+ First Shot After Dinner - is now correct when dinner has an ending time.
+ Scene Notes are now included for all of a scene's setups.

• Script Dept > Report - bug fix: private annotation removal from exported Script PDFs.

• Settings > Script Dept:
+ Added option: Preserve Note Line Breaks In Editors Log & Facing Pages.
+ Added option: Show Setup Counts in Editors Log Reports.
+ Added option: Auto-Enable Public Annotations on Tramline Tool taps.

• Help - added Privacy Policy button.

MovieSlate 8.9.2 Release Notes:

• Script Dept > Markup:
+ Duplicate Bookmarks are now repaired when opening a PDF document.
+ Left/Right Bookmark button - optimized performance.
+ Build/Insert Facing Page - no longer duplicates bookmarks.
+ Grid screen > import - no longer duplicates bookmarks.
+ Grid screen > clear/add bookmark button - optimized performance.

MovieSlate 8.9.1 Release Notes:

• History Reports - can now be shared without an email account.

• Script Dept:
+ Tramline Text Tool - now positions new header to the immediate right of existing headers.
+ Markup - can now Lock annotations (from Edit menu above selected annotations).
+ Markup - can now Unlock annotations (from Edit menu that appears when long-tapping the page).
+ Logging - bug fix: wrong notes were sometimes edited (after choosing from NOTES menu button).
+ Logging - bug fix: the new "TAKE Note Color" preference setting was not always honored.
+ Reports - report names are once again suggested.

• Sound Dept:
+ Changed "Roll Sound (start shot)" to "Start the Shot".
+ Changed "Cut! (end shot)" to "End Shot".

• Settings > Appearance > Sound Dept:
+ Added "Start Shot Button Color".

MovieSlate 8.9.0 Release Notes:

• Sound Dept:
+ Cantar sound recorder CSV files can now be imported into MovieSlate.

• MovieSlate Cloud:
+ Backup naming alert is now much wider.

• Settings > Script Dept:
+ Added "Page Mode" option to show two pages side-by-side.
+ Added "Show Day/Date/Time" for all Scenes in Editors Log and/or Facing Pages.
+ Added "Scene Note Color" and "Take Note Color" options.
+ Added "Clear SETUP field when SSCEN changes" option.
+ Added "Reset TAKE to 1" options for changes to SSCEN and SETUP fields.
+ Added "Show Ratings & Issues" option.
+ SingleCam/MultiCam sections are now a single "Coverage Lines" section.
+ Added "Coverage Lines" options for default Line Thickness, Spacing, Font, Size, Color.
+ Added "Timecode + Stopwatch Annotations" section with default Font, Size, Color.

• Script Dept > Setup screen > Reports:
+ Reports can now have custom filenames.
+ Script PDF - removed "DAY" button; "BOOKMARK" and "ALL" remain.
+ Setup screen - fixed bug where LUNCH and DINNR end times were not always saved

• Script Dept > Editors Log & Facing Pages:
+ Can now include multiple days (when generated without Progress Report).
+ Description column is now wider.
+ Day/Date/Time is highlighted for first Scene of the Day.
+ Scene '5AA' now sorts after '5Z' on Facing Pages.

• Script Dept > Progress Report:
+ Changed PARTIAL Scene abbreviation from 'p' to 'pt'.
+ Changed "PUSHED" to "NOT SHOT".
+ Added "EST." prefix to "RUNNING TIME".

• Script Dept > Markup:
+ Tramlines can now be stretched without changing their line thickness.
+ Added "PUBLIC ONLY" and "PRIVATE ONLY" items to the menu above selected annotations.
+ Text annotations are no longer blurry after being repositioned.

• Script Dept > Markup > Thumbnail Grid > Bookmark button:
+ changed the 'Import' button name to 'Select'.
+ changed the 'Actions' button name to 'Import'.
+ tap the 'Select' button to select multiple pages to bookmark/clear.

• Script Dept > Logging:
+ PREFX field - added "CAM" button to show Scene prefix for specific cameras in reports.
+ NOTES field - added star button to show/hide ratings during a take.
+ TIME & PAGES field editing - warnings now appear for non-zero values in related Scenes.
+ Circle Takes - Scene/Take list sometimes contained inappropriate data.

• Help > User Guide > Script Dept chapters - updated for new features.

• Other bug fixes and performance enhancements.

MovieSlate 8.8.9 Release Notes:

• Music Video:
+ Markers list now properly scrolls again.
+ Sliders no longer jump when finger dragging stops.

• Settings > Appearance - added Circle Take Color option.

• MovieSlate Cloud - optimizations.

• InAppStore - using new subscriptions terms & conditions text.

• Script Dept - improved support for shoot days which span midnight

• Script Dept > Markup screen:
+ Teradek screen grabs - can now be saved as a note or PDF annotation.
+ Popup toolbar menu now includes "Image Note" tool.
+ Text tool - now remembering defaults for font, point size, and text/background colors.
+ Tramline Header - stays selected when auto-adding tramlines.

• Script Dept > Markup > Thumbnail Grid screen:
+ Renamed "Edit" button to "Import".
+ Added new "Edit" button with tools to add, delete, rotate, export pages.
+ In Edit mode, blank pages can now be added to PDF documents.
+ In Edit mode, a page can now be long-tapped then dragged to new location.

• Settings > Script Dept:
+ added "Stopwatch Options” to stop/start/clear/reset timer when shots start/stop.
+ added "Bookmark Facing Pages when inserting into a Script PDF" option.

• Script Dept > Reports - now supports per-project email addresses (from MovieSlate's Settings).

• Script History > Roll field - added button to clear a camera's data for the shot or scene.

• Help > Script Dept - "tramlines" are now also referred to as "coverage lines".

MovieSlate 8.8.8 Release Notes:

• Video tab and screens - now properly supports Teradek Clip, Cube, Serv Pro, and Slice products (and their login passwords).
• Settings > History Reports > My Logo - fixed a rare bug.
• Script Dept:
+ Facing Pages can now be inserted into the Script PDF - from Log+Mark Script > PAGE# field > keypad.
+ Reports - blank PDF pages are now automatically removed.

MovieSlate 8.8.7 Release Notes:

• Settings > Shot Log History > CSV Templates - removed superfluous data from the exported file.
• Import CSV Data - added support for two overlooked fields.
• History > Slate button > Copy this Shot to Slate - added support for four overlooked camera fields.
• Slate - fixed obscure auto-increment bug related to disabled "Show Slate when Shot Ends".
• Pro Features: RED camera sync updated to REDLink SDK v6.51.0 (2017-12-15).

MovieSlate 8.8.6 Release Notes:

• Settings > Behavior - added “Reset SLATE to 1 when SCENE changes”.
• Settings > History Reports > FCP7 XML Options - added “Include Colors for Premiere”.
• History > Reports > FCP7 XML - marker notes can now have durations.

• Pro Features:
+ Added support for Betso WTCS-1 wireless slate.
+ Settings > Behavior - rearranged Credits section and added some new options.

• Script Dept:
+ Setup screen - added RTIME (Running Time) field; used in Progress Reports.
+ Progress Report > "To Be Shot" row - now contains Over/Under/Running Time.
+ Logging screen - added "Camera Setups Count" button to SETUP field.
+ Logging screen - keypad now has up/down buttons for all Camera ROLL fields.
+ Markup screen - tool line width preferences are now preserved between sessions.
+ History - better handling of DAY 0 shots.

• Changed all “LABO HAL” references to “QuineBox IoT”.

• Updated User Guide for:
+ Betso WTCS-1
+ Script Dept Logging > SETUP
+ QuineBox IoT (formerly “LABO HAL”)

MovieSlate 8.8.5 Release Notes:

• iPhone X and iOS 11 optimizations (many, many, many).
• New Image Editor for Slate, History, Notes.
• Settings > Behavior > Speak Credits - default voice speed sounds more normal.

• Slate > In-Progress > Tail Sticks button (visible when Settings > Behavior > 'Show Slate when Shot Ends' is off):
+ Now properly displays Tail Sticks data for shot just ended (instead of the next shot).
+ Now properly auto-increments once instead of twice.

• Pro Features:
+ RED camera sync updated (compatible with DSMC firmware v5.2.7 or later).
+ Can no longer edit timecode when synced with RED cameras (a RED-imposed change).
+ Fixed several camera sync issues.
+ Settings > Timecode + Sync > Auto-Receive WiFi - option added.

• Script Dept:
+ Logging screen > NOTES menu widget - added "For Next Take".
+ Added "Make Default" button to tramline color picker.
+ Using larger thumbnails when importing pages from other PDFs.
+ PDF page number is now better retained when switching screens.
+ History > Details - now properly displays DAY '0'.
+ Reports now support camera data when DAY is '0'.

MovieSlate 8.8.4 Release Notes:

• Compatible with iOS 11.
• Added support for the iPad Pro 10.5-inch native resolution.
• Added higher resolution graphics.
• Help > How-To Videos - new movies for: Music Video, Script Dept.
• Music Video - several improvements and bug fixes.
• Sound Dept > Recorder sync - networking improvements, and a crash fix.
• Slate > 'Arm Before Each Shot' button now reappears when shots end.
• Settings > Behavior > Shot Triggers - added Motion Sensitivity.
• Date/Time Pickers - fixed layout on iPhones. Taller pickers on all devices.
• MovieSlate Cloud - improved support for groups.
• Zip compression - works with passwords once again.
• Help - navigation improvements and updated information.
• History > Search & Replace - added an optional date/time filter.
• History > Notes - empty notes are now automatically deleted periodically.
• History > Details > Edit Timecode:
+ Can now edit Duration in addition to Timecode In/Out.
+ Added '00' and '0000' keypad buttons.

• Script Dept:
+ Setup > Reports - added 'Share Other PDF' option.
+ Setup > DAY field now accepts '0'.
+ Logging - added + button (top left) to view other PDF documents in a tabbed interface.
+ Logging - added SAVE button (top right) to save PDF documents (they are also auto saved periodically).
+ Logging > SLATED SCENES - are now comprised of three fields: PREFX, SSCEN, SETUP.
+ Logging > SSCEN > ⊕ plus button - can now add Notes and UNIT to these 'More Scenes'.
+ Logging > PREFX - is used to prefix scenes as "R" (RETAKE), "X" (2ND UNIT), and others.
+ Logging > TIME field - no longer uses auto-calculated values.
+ Logging > Tramline Header Tool - now adds/removes circles (bubbles) for selected tramline headers.
+ Logging > Selection tool - double-tap to select or deselect all of a page's annotations.
+ Logging > Eraser tool - improved double-tap detection for changing eraser size.
+ Logging > Eraser tool - eraser size is better supported.
+ Logging > Thumbnail Grid screen > Edit - fixed several add/replace/delete pages issues.
+ Logging > Circle Takes button - is now a Ⓣ icon.
+ Logging & History > Circle Takes menu - can now uncheck cameras to mark them as "NO PRINT".
+ Logging & History - can now make camera-specific Take notes by double-tapping a camera’s letter button.
+ Editors+Facing reports - now organizes cameras in columns or rows (see Settings > Organize Cameras).
+ Editors+Facing reports - now indicates "NO-PRINT" cameras (if any) for Circled Takes.
+ Editors+Facing reports - now includes camera-specific Take notes (if any).
+ Editors+Facing reports - bolded Scene text no longer includes "Additional Scenes".
+ Editors+Facing reports - note rows are now drawn using each note's background color.
+ Editors Log report - the "Setup" text now counts cameras as setups.
+ Progress report - several fixes and enhancements.
+ Settings > Text Fields > Script - added Scene Prefix, Script Scene Unit, and Camera Notes.
+ Settings > Script Dept - added "Include SCENE Notes in Progress Reports" option.
+ History > Shot lists - badge now counts both Take Notes and Script Scene Notes.

• Many other small bug fixes.

MovieSlate 8.8.3 Release Notes:

• Settings > Store - "Manage" and "Installed" buttons are visible again.

• Settings > Shot Log History - added option: "Auto-Show Keyboard when Editing a Note".

• Script Dept > Editors Log Report - Setups are now numbered per-day instead of per-scene.

• Script Dept > REV field:
+ Settings > Text Snippets - on fresh install contains new "Script Colors" snippet list.
+ Settings > Text Fields > Script > REV - on fresh install its input style is "Menus Script Colors".
+ Snippets for this field containing "Date" or "Today" are substituted with today's date.
+ Set date format from Settings > History Reports > Report Date Format.

MovieSlate 8.8.2 Release Notes:

• Avid ALE Reports:
+ Now encoding a field's special characters to standard ascii.
+ Now ensuring that all field's exclude asterisks, returns, tabs.
+ Make sure no field exceeds 255 chars.
+ Added these new fields: Latitude, Longitude, Address, City, State, PostalCode, Country.

• Script Dept:
+ Progress Report - Day NOTES now properly appear on the last page of the report.
+ History details (iPad) - Scene information is now always visible for Script Dept shots/users.
+ Markup toolbar - Stylus tool's menu now includes "Apple Pencil".
+ Markup editor - improved Apple Pencil support.
+ Markup editor - updated editor engine (many fixes).

• TCS Hubs:
+ added support for 4.21 firmware.
+ fixed issue where shots were sometimes saved with timecode sans colons.
+ on app launch, colons are added to History timecodes (if missing).

• Settings:
+ Shot Log History > Save to Photos - now saves to a "MovieSlate" album.
+ Reports > MyInfo - text field now properly adjusts for keyboard height.

• TAKE field - fix to auto-increment TAKE when "Increment Take" is ON, "Increment Slate is OFF, and "Reset Take to 1 when Slate Field Changes" is ON.

• History Reports - fixed crash when attempting to send reports with missing image/sound files.

• History > Notes list - now displaying image/sound file "Missing File" alert if appropriate.

• Alerts - fixed iOS 9+ issue that sometimes prevented alerts from appearing.

MovieSlate 8.8.1 Release Notes:

This update includes stability and performance enhancements for iOS 9 and iOS 10. It also includes these changes:

• 1Password - using updated code library.

• History > Reports > Prelude - more fixes.

• Color Picker - color palette swipes are once again constrained to its bounds.

• TCS WiFi Hub sync:
+ fixed iPad-only display issue with "TCS Hub Settings" screen.
+ removed "RF Transmit" control.
+ the "RF Channel" option is now always read-only.

• Music Video:
+ "Sync to Song" option is now available on iPad's "MovieSlate" tab when it is not the first tab.
+ fixed issue introduced with iOS 10 sometimes preventing newly selected songs from playing.

• Settings:
+ MSCloud (Pro) > Restore - can now choose "My Backups", "All Backups", or backups for specific groups.
+ MSCloud (Pro) > Restore - improved Settings restoration.
+ Text Fields - fixed label editor popover location on iPad.
+ Timecode + Sync > Calibrate LTC Lag - can now enter "0." into text fields.
+ Script Dept > added "Editors Log has 'TAKE' Notes" preference.
+ Script Dept > "Script Owns New Shots" now works better.

• Script Dept - Logging Screen:
+ added "PAGE#" field.
+ added "(+)" button to SSCEN field; to log simultaneously-shot Scenes.
+ new Scenes now default to COMPLETE instead of PARTIAL.
+ camera data with some empty data fields is no longer discarded.
+ fix for long camera names sometimes appearing truncated.

• Script Dept - PDF Editor:
+ added Public/Private Annotations tool (to omit private annotations from shared Script PDFs).
+ Thumbnails screen - added "Clear Bookmarks" button.
+ Adonit Jot stylus - using updated code library.
+ PDF Editor - using updated code library.

• Script Dept - Reports:
+ Reports > "Script Page Ranges" screen - added buttons (Day, Bookmarked, All) and "Include Private Annotations" switch.
+ Facing Pages Report - is now organized by Script page number (PAGE#) instead of PDF page number.
+ Progress/Facing/Editors Reports - now support simultaneously-shot Scenes.
+ Progress Report - several formatting/cosmetic improvements.

• History Details (iPad) for Script Dept shots:
+ added "PAGE#" field.
+ added "(+)" button to right of SLATED SCENE (to edit simultaneously-shot Scenes).

MovieSlate 8.8 Release Notes:

• iOS 8 is no longer supported due to several code libraries used in MovieSlate.

• MovieSlate Cloud (for Pro Features subscribers):
+ Added new Groups system - create and manage groups from
+ Backup to MSCloud Backups - aded ability to share a backup with groups.
+ Restore from MSCloud - added search UI, and info buttons to share backups with groups.

• Denecke TS-TCB support - fixed several issues.

• Speak Credits - fixed several subtle issues.

• Chat - on iPad, the "Choose Recipients" list is now wider and includes a "Done" button.

• Date/Time Picker was sometimes showing time instead of date and vice versa.

• Filenames using File Input styles are now updated when shots end on Slate, Camera, Sound tabs.

• Settings > Text Fields - all row text is now properly left-aligned on iOS 10.1.

• Settings > History Reports > Use Short Filenames - now works properly.

• Settings > History Reports > Email Contents - project-based contents now work properly.

• History Reports > FCP7 XML - fixed bug introduced in MovieSlate 8.7.

• History Reports > Prelude - fixed notes timecode issue.

• Script Dept > Markup screen:
+ Eraser size can now be set by double-tapping the Eraser icon in the toolbar.
+ PDF Editor engine upgrade (with many, many fixes).

• Script Dept > Logging screen:
+ SCENE (such as "1A") is now entered using two fields: SSCEN (for "1") and SETUP (for "A").
+ Cameras - added another five (F-J) for a total of ten cameras.
+ Added A-J buttons to choose cameras and show each camera's enabled/disabled state.
+ NOTES - added menu icon button for adding/editing notes for recent Scenes and Takes.
+ Tab Bar is properly shown/hidden when returning to Script Dept from other tabs on iPad.
+ Removed SLATE field from Script Dept Logging screen.
+ Layout tweaks.

• Script Dept > Setup screen:
+ Added NOTES field to log Day Notes, which appear in Progress Reports.

• Script Dept > Reports:
+ Now prompting for "Shoot Day" only when building Progress, Facing, Editors reports.
+ Now prompting for "Script Pages" after prompting for "Shoot Day".
+ Script Pages now defaults to pages logged for the Shoot Day being reported (if any).

• Script Dept > Reports > Progress
+ Setup count - each camera logged within a Slated Scene is now counted as a setup.
+ Added the "Day Note" (if any).
+ Layout tweaks to accommodate the new content.

• Script Dept > Reports > Facing & Editors
+ Scene notes now appear at the top of each Scene's section.
+ Performance Laps (if any) are now included with a Take's notes.
+ Added support for up to 10 cameras.
+ Cosmetic improvements for readability.

• Script Dept - History tab (iPad):
+ New "Shot Days" screen appears after choosing a Project that spans multiple Shoot Days.
+ Shots list now displays Day, Script Scene/Setup, and Issues.
+ Notes now include Day, Scene, Take, and Laps notes.
+ Details now include Camera, Scene, and Script info.

• Settings > Script Dept - added "Script Owns All Shots" option.

• Settings > History Reports > Email/Archive - archiving now works with Script Dept Reports.

• Settings > History Reports > Archives:
+ Can now share an archive by tapping its row.
+ Can now select/delete multiple archive rows by tapping the Edit button.
+ Replaced "Delete All" button with "Trashcan" button (in Edit mode).

MovieSlate 8.7 Release Notes:

• iOS 10 compatibility changes.
• iPad Pro 12.9-inch - modified all screen layouts to better support this hardware.
• New! KeyClips tab for keyword-based Final Cut Pro X logging (Pro Feature).
• Final Cut Pro X reports - are now generated by our free KeyClips app for macOS.
• MultiCam - restored filename auto-incrementing for virtual cameras.
• Sound Dept - two bug fixes.
• Sound Devices 6-Series sync - several bug fixes.

• History:
+ Reports > Final Cut Pro X - replaced with "Send to Mac" and KeyClips app for macOS.
+ Details (iPad) > Report Sharing menu - no longer truncated in iOS 10.
+ Details (iPad) > Sound Tracks - after editing, fields are again properly colored.
+ Details (iPad) - replaced Notes zoom arrow button glyphs with up/down chevron glyphs.
+ Notes lists - redesigned to display more information (and with less clutter).

• Script Dept:
+ Settings > Script Dept - added "Thumbnail Bar" options.
+ Report PDF Viewer - now honors Settings > Script Dept scrolling options.
+ PDF Setup - can now start logging without entering PAGES or SCENES data.
+ PDF Editing - can now start a shot without entering a scene's PAGES count.
+ PDF Editing - added a LAP split/clear button to right of stopwatch digits.
+ PDF Editing - tap stopwatch digits to view Performance Laps.
+ PDF Editing - Performance Laps are now saved to a Note when the Take ends.
+ PDF Editing - long-tap stopwatch button to stop & reset (but not clear laps).
+ PDF Editing - previous/next page arrows are now lighter (to match the page number widget).
+ PDF Editing - moved Video button to left of previous/next arrows (appears when Teradek is connected).
+ PDF Editing - added "Tabs" button to the navigation bar (to show/hide the tab bar).
+ PDF Editing - NOTES text fields now ignore up/down swipes.
+ PDF Editing - a confirmation HUD no longer appears when stylus buttons change tools.
+ PDF Editing - pages can now be pinch-scaled to 75% in portrait orientation.
+ Setup Screen - now showing SHOT times below CALL, LUNCH, DINNR, WRAP.
+ Reports > Editors Log - now sorting by date instead of scene.
+ Reports > Facing Pages - now using custom page labels instead of logical page numbers.
+ Upgraded PDF editor.

MovieSlate 8.6 Release Notes:

• Added 1Password support for MovieSlate Cloud Sign In and Registration.

• Pro Features:
+ ARRI Alexa camera sync (requires pulse wireless hub from Timecode Systems).
+ WiFi timecode sync options work again (fixes v8.5 regression).

• Sound Devices 6-Series sync:
+ SLATE field can now auto-increment when synced to a recorder.
+ TAKE + FILE auto-incrementing is now only disabled while synced with recorder.
+ Upon initial sync, Track Arm info now sent to recorder with other Slate data.
+ When switching MovieSlate projects, all project info is sent to the recorder.

• Notes Editor:
+ Left edge of Stopwatch is now a start/stop button.
+ Fixed crash when keyboard key was tapped in iOS 8 (no crashes in newer iOS versions).

• Script Dept:
+ Setup screen - added WRAP time. LUNCH and DINNER times now use start/end values SCHEDULED SCENES now accepts any text.
+ Settings > Script Dept - added "Prompt for Recent" Scene/Take options.
+ Settings > Script Dept - added "Header Tool adds Lines" options.
+ The Tramline tool can now add new lines to a selected Tram Header.
+ The Tramline tool now centers all new ines.
+ The Tramline tool creates lines that span to the bottom of the page.
+ The Stopwatch icon is now a start/stop button.
+ Tap the CAM letter to enable cameras and edit their letters, labels, and colors.
+ ROLL, FRAME, SUBJ labels now turn green for enabled cameras.
+ Importing New Pages - now showing a grid of pages instead of prompting for page numbers.
+ Annotations (tramlines and notes) are now preserved when importing replacement pages.
+ Facing Pages Report - will paginate (after logging new shots).
+ Upgraded PDF editor and Adonit Stylus drivers.

MovieSlate 8.5 Release Notes:

• Sound Devices 6-Series Recorder Sync (Pro Feature). Start/stop recorders, and sync meta data via WiFi. Requires recorder firmware update to 3.1 or newer, a Timecode Systems ":wave" or ":pulse" hub, and cabling.

• Privacy - all web-based data transfer now employs SSL.

• Data Upgrader - optimizations and fixes.

• Fixes several minor cosmetic issues.

MovieSlate 8.4 Release Notes:

• Camera Sync:
+ using REDLINK SDK v6.40.13 - requires RED camera DSMC firmware v5.2.7 or later.
+ reports can now be run while still synced with cameras.

• MultiCam Editor:
+ added timecode/stopwatch button.
+ added "Add Marker" button to camera rows (when recording).

• Notes Editor - added border around timecode/stopwatch button.

• Music Video - Markers button now always shows markers list (even when the list is empty).

• Sound Dept:
+ added "ARM NONE" and "ARM ALL" buttons.
+ the "Log Shot" button is again always a bright red color.
+ fixed track layout on iPhone.
+ fixed obscure iPad layout issue.

• Script Dept:
+ Adonit Jot styluses now track properly when PDF is zoomed.
+ fixed tramline resizing issue.
+ top bar now contrasts with edit menu.
+ updated PDF report/editor engines.

• Slate - DATA2 and DATA3 fields are now the same width.

• Slate - added new Mirror Button (enable from Settings) to horizontally flipping the Slate screen-- useful for photographing the slate when it is reflected in an on-set mirror.

• Settings > Appearance > Slate Options:
+ added "Show Mirror Button" item to show/hide the Slate’s mirror mode button.
+ added "Show Zoom Button" item to show/hide the Slate’s timecode zoom button.

• Settings > Behavior:
+ Clapper Hinge - added “Mirrors the Slate” option.
+ added “Freeze Timecode” option to provide more control over the freeze duration.

• Settings > Timecode + Sync - added "B:LINK Networking" ON/OFF switch.

• Choose TCS Hubs:
+ B:LINK devices (such as miniTRX) are now supported.
+ each device row now has an info button (an "i" inside a circle).
+ tap a device's info button to access its Settings screen.
+ each device row now displays the device's customized name (if present).
+ UI makes it more obvious which device is currently selected.

• TCS Hub Settings:
+ B:LINK devices (such as miniTRX) are now supported.
+ brightness slider now works for wave and miniTRX.
+ added new "Name" row to re/name the device (device names appear on their own screens).

• MSCloud & Data Repair - bug fixes.

MovieSlate 8.3 Release Notes:

• Pro Features - are now available as a one-time purchase, or as a subscription.

• Denecke TS-TCB sync - fixed communication errors.

• Notes Editor - on iOS 9, hold a hardware keyboard’s ⌘ key to display keyboard shortcuts.

• Hardware Keyboards are better supported for iOS 9.

• Snippets chooser - fixed iPhone layout issue.

• Script Dept - several fixes and improvements.

• Settings > Appearance > Sound Dept:

+ added "Track Style" item with options: default, compact, simple.
+ changed "Track Arm Color" to allow more color options, and custom colors.

MovieSlate 8.2 Release Notes:

• Script Dept for script supervisors. See MovieSlate > Settings > MovieSlate Store for details.

• PRO Features - Sync with RED Cameras (data & timecode).

• Music Video - redesigned, with new timecode Markers feature.

• History > Shot List - added Search & Replace button (its icon is a magnifying glass with arrows) to right of the "Filter
Shots" bar at the top of the screen.
• History > Projects > Project > Sound Rolls - added info button (i) to change the sound roll’s text.

• PRO Features - now supports Timecode Systems’ B:LINK system.

• PRO Features > TCS Hub Settings - added Display Brightness slider for Wave, Pulse, Denecke TS-TCB.

• PRO Features > WiFi Timecode Sync - now works properly when syncing between newer and older iOS devices, all running this version
of the app (or newer).
• Camera - added more Resolutions.

• MultiCam - added buttons for creating text/image notes on a per-camera basis. Many other small improvements.

• Sound Dept > Notes (iPad) - added zoom button (to simultaneously view notes and sound tracks).

• Sound Dept - the NOTES field label now reflects the current note color.

• Sound Dept - swipe left/right on fields to switch between full and simplified layouts.

• Settings - added new PRO Features sections: Sound Recorder Control; Camera Control; and Script Dept.

• Settings > Text Fields > Sound > Track Labels - added "MixL-R, Aux1-2, Ch1-28" option.

• Settings > Text Fields - added new "Time" and "SitCom A-Z" field input styles, and renamed the old "SitCom" input style to "SitCom

• Settings > History Reports > Email To/BCC - works better with extremely long recipient lists.

• Settings > History Reports > PDF Reports - fixed bug involving the PDF Landscape/Portrait preference.

• History > Shot Details - fixed long-standing display bug that sometimes prevented all sound tracks from appearing.

• History - fixed issue that sometimes prevented INT/EXT/NITE/MOS values from saving properly.

• History Reports - fixed several issues with FCPX, HTML, CSV, Plain Text reports.

• Several visual fixes to handle recent iOS 9 changes.

MovieSlate 8.1.1 Release Notes:

• History > Share - AirDrop now works with all history report types.

• iPhone - status bar is now more reliably hidden for landscape orientation.

• MovieSlate Store - the RESTORE purchases button is now more reliable.

MovieSlate 8.0.0 Release Notes:

• All new version 8, built for iOS 8 and later. Supports screen sizes for the latest iOS devices.

• 64-bit and iOS 8 optimizations for improved performance.

• PRO Features - subscriber benefits include: Timecode Sync, Denecke TS-TCB Sync, Sound Dept, Reality MultiCam, App-to-App Sync/Chat, MovieSlate Cloud Pro, and arriving Late 2015: Camera Sync .

• Alexa Camera Sync (PRO Feature) - wirelessly connect to ARRI Alexa cameras via Timecode Systems "Pulse" hardware; sync Alexa camera & smart lens data; remotely start/stop recording. Arrives Late 2015, when Timecode Systems’ :pulse hardware is available.

• RED Camera Sync (PRO Feature) - wirelessly connect to RED Digital Cinema Scarlet & Epic cameras via their "REDLink" hardware or ethernet cable (to WiFi hub); sync RED camera & smart lens data; remotely start/stop recording. Arrives Late 2015 after a bit more field testing.

• Denecke TS-TCB Sync (PRO Feature) - wirelessly sync timecode, userbits, FPS with a physical Denecke TS-TCB slate; display leader/end roll credit data with on the TS-TCB slate's second LED screen. Choose whether Denecke sticks trigger new shots and/or credit data animations.

• Timecode Sync (PRO Feature) - added support for the latest Timecode Systems (TCS) hardware, including “B-LINK” devices.

• MovieSlate Cloud Pro (PRO Feature) - expanded backup/restore; and enhanced project data sharing with colleagues.

• Slate - many Slate fields can now be configured to mirror Camera and Sound fields— by tapping the labels on the left of a Slate field.

• Slate - Roll, Scene, Take text is now much larger, and can be swiped (scrolled) left/right to reveal additional fields.

• Slate - INT/EXT/NITE/MOS supports additional MORN, NOON, DAY, EVE, and "Automatic" times of day.

• Slate - hinge can now be positioned on the left or right side of the sticks (from Settings > Appearance > Clapper Hinge).

• Slate - a "Save Shot" button appears when using external clapper sticks.

• Slate - added new “Second Sticks” button when shot is in progress (to re-slate the shot).

• Snippets/Menus choosers now have very similar features, and many improvements.

• Date chooser now works with most fields, and has a cleaner design.

• FPS chooser can now display custom rates (from Settings, create a "FPS" Snippets group).

• Resolution chooser design is cleaner.

• Color Picker is a brand new design.

• Image Notes Editor - is now based on the Adobe® Image Editor.

• iPad Popovers now contrast better against their backgrounds.

• AirPrint and AirDrop support for HTML and PDF reports.

• Settings screen has been reorganized, and includes more help.

• Settings - new "Fields" section unifies "Field Input Styles" and "Field Labels".

• Settings - the “Sync” section has been split into "Timecode Sync", "Slate Data Sync" and "On-Set Chat".

• Settings - the “History” section has been split into "Shot Log History" and "History Reports".

• Settings > History Reports > Email - added BCC field, and the ability to assign TO/BCC distribution lists to specific projects.

• Settings > History Reports > Sound Reports have improved pagination.

• Settings > Appearance - supports more timecode and slate fonts.

• Settings > Behavior > Clapper Hinge - more granular "Lock" options.

• Settings > Behavior - time durations can be expressed as seconds or frames.

• Many, many other new features, design improvements, and fixes throughout the app.

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