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Frequently Asked Question Posted 11/19/2011

What has changed in MovieSlate 8.9.43?

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MovieSlate 8.9.43 Release Notes:

• History > Formatted HTML reports - fixed several bugs.

• Script Dept:
    + Reports - added option to share "Script PDF as Text File".
    + Breakdown Reports > DESC field - line breaks are now honored in reports.
    + Breakdown > DESC field - now supports bold, italic, underline text.
    + Setup screen - First/Lunch/Dinner/Wrap shot times now honor the Scene’s "Include in Progress Report" on/off switch and so match times shown in the Progress Report.
    + Logging screen - Teradek screen grabs can now be saved as Take or Scene Image Notes.
    + Updated PDF Editing engine (includes fix for pages sometimes disappearing from watermarked PDFs).
    + Script Breakdown Reports - the story day field (such as D1 or N1) now appears in red for days; blue for nights; purple if no "D" or "N" prefix.

MovieSlate 8.9.42 Release Notes:

• Popovers (including KeyPad) - fixed crashes that could happen on iOS/iPadOS 17.

• Script Dept:
    + Settings > Script Dept > Facing Pages - added new preference: "Include Note Images when Inserting Facing Pages".
    + Settings > Script Dept > Include Note Images (Facing Pages & Editors Log)- added small, medium, large size options.
    + Facing Pages Reports - fix for images with filenames containing accented characters.
    + Facing Pages Reports - fix for unwanted characters in date/time text.
    + Updated PDF editing engine.

MovieSlate 8.9.41 Release Notes:

• Added iOS 17 support; Dropped iOS 14 support.

• Settings > Behavior > Speak Credits > Voice + Options - now supports iOS 17 "Personal Voice" (when enabled).

• Script Dept:
    + Character Highlighting - fix for unexpected character name trailing punctuation (on first line of dialog blocks).
    + Breakdown PDF Scan - fix for unexpected character name trailing punctuation (on first line of dialog blocks).
    + Breakdown > Script PDF > Select text - restored the missing "+ Breakdown" menu item.
    + Updated PDF engine.

• Tentacle Sync - updated software library.

MovieSlate 8.9.40 Release Notes:

• Script Dept > Breakdowns > PDF Highlights - fixed crash.

MovieSlate 8.9.39 Release Notes:

• Settings > Text Fields > File style > Elements > Data list - added "Date Second (ss)" option.

• Script Dept:
    + Updated PDF Editor engine.
    + Ruler Line annotations - when added, are now automatically sent to the background.
    + Dialogue Number annotations - when added, are now automatically sent to the background.

MovieSlate 8.9.38 Release Notes:

• Reports (saved as PDF) - fix for subtle iOS change which suppressed report background colors.

• Timecode Display - added fix for smaller than desired digits on iOS 16.

• Timecode Sync - added workaround for issues with TCS Hubs.

• KeyClips > full screen notes editor - fixed issue with starting timecode.

• Script Dept:
    + Dialogue Numbering - slight improvement for side-by-side translations.
    + Updated PDF Editor engine.

MovieSlate 8.9.37 Release Notes:

• History > Search - improved filtering for scenes with setups.

• History > Reports - Avid report scope now includes dates/times.

• Sound Dept:
    + Split View - Sound Tracks auto-collapse adjustments.

• Script Dept:
    + Updated PDF Editor Engine.
    + Setup Screen > Scheduled Scenes field was sometimes not getting saved.
    + Reports - when building a single report, default report name now includes report type.
    + Reports > Share / Print - fix for sharing sheet never appearing.
    + Breakdown Progress Report - fix for Script REV sometimes not matching REV field on Script Dept setup screen.
    + Breakdown > Cast list - better height adjustment when typing on hardware keyboard.
    + Breakdowns - fix for deleting element text containing accented characters.
    + Facing Pages Reports - now bolding first occurance of Shoot Day on each Facing Page.

MovieSlate 8.9.36 Release Notes:

• Built for iOS 16 and the latest iOS hardware.

• MovieSlate tab:
    + Added "Start Shot" button on sliding panel, right of sticks.
    + Added "Tail Slate" button to "Shot in Progress" screen.
    + Production field is now properly refreshed after receiving a project from another MovieSlate on the network.

• MovieSlate Cloud:
    + Backup - bugfix: images & sounds are again included in backups.
    + Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented Backups from appearing.

• History Reports > Share/Print > Save to Files - bugfix: missing images & sounds.

• Script Dept:
    + Setup screen - call/meal times can now use 12 or 24 hour system format.
    + Setup screen - Scheduled Scenes are now properly saved after loading from Breakdown data.
    + Breakdowns - list can now show Acts/Scenes, Shoot Days, Unshot Scenes, or Omitted Scenes.
    + Breakdowns - added Search box above Acts/Scenes list.
    + Breakdowns - fixed several bugs involving logged Scenes.
    + Breakdowns > Element Snippet list - added Edit button to rearrange list items.
    + Breakdowns > Edit - now hiding "Sort Acts" button when appropriate.
    + Breakdowns > text fields - changed fonts to better accomodate field data.
    + Breakdowns > PDF Scanning - enhanced support for Portuguese language Script PDFs.
    + Breakdowns Reports - added option to enter a custom report title.
    + Breakdowns Reports - retired the "Updated Breakdown" report.
    + Estimated Timing Breakdown report - fixed cosmetic issue with totals.
    + Progress Reports - fixed issue with some missing scene notes.
    + Reports > Script PDF - added "Include Image Annotations" on/off switch.
    + Log+Markup > Thumbnail Pages > Import button - added option to import last used PDF (when available).
    + Log+Markup > Slated Scene - "LOGGED" label sometimes appeared inappropriately.
    + History > MoreScenes - added logic to support editing an existing MoreScene’s SSCEN field.
    + Settings > Script Dept > Breakdown Reports - added "Show Column Headers" option.
    + Settings > Script Dept > Breakdown Reports - added "Elements in ALL CAPS" option.
    + Updated PDF Editor Engine.

MovieSlate 8.9.35 Release Notes:

• Slate - shots started from external clappersticks are again properly saved to History.

• Settings > Behavior > Shot Triggers - removed "Tap Clapper or Change Volume" option
  because "volume button pressed" detection is no longer available to developers.

• Script Dept:
    + Updated PDF Editor Engine.
    + Progress Report - fixed issues with related "MORE" scenes (added using plus sign).
    + Breakdown Reports - no longer capitalizing cast in scene description.
    + Estimated Timing Breakdown report - fixed obscure issue when Story Day is not included.
    + Breakdown PDF Scan > prefix scenes - added leading zeros to scenes less than 10.
    + Annotation Tools - modified logic for saving/restoring of line widths and colors.
    + Camera Sync - SSCEN & TAKE GUI now properly updates when camera Scene/Take change.
    + Camera Sync - Script Page number now saved to History when camera starts/stops shots.
    + Settings > Apple Pencil Double Taps - added three new options.
    + History - changing a Scene’s PARTIAL/COMPLETE or CREDITED status now applies
      to that scene on that day, regardless of prefix.

MovieSlate 8.9.34 Release Notes:

• iOS 13 is no longer supported (due to licensed code library updates).

• Slate - clapper graphic (if chosen) now appears when external clappersticks close.

• Settings > Camera Control - added "Start/Stop Shots when a Synced Camera Rolls".

• Script Dept:
    • Log + Mark > Highlight Characters - better recognizing side-by-side character names.
    • Log + Mark > Highlight Characters - added plus button to enter character names.
    + PDF Scan for Characters - added support for voiceover characters.
    + Breakdown PDF scan - PDF scenes marked OMITTED now have PAGES = 0 and TIME = 0.
    + Breakdown reports - elements again print in user-specified colors.
    • Settings > ScriptDept > Breakdown Reports - added "Include Story Day in Estimated Timing Reports".
    + SROLL field - added MOS button to keypad.
    + Facing Pages report - SND roll no longer hidden when only one take in the scene.
    • Camera Sync - now compatible with shots owned by Script Dept.
    • Updated PDF Editor engine.

MovieSlate 8.9.33 Release Notes:

• Settings > Behavior - added new "Sleep & Screen Brightness" section.

• Sound Dept > Sound Tracks (iPhone) - bug fixes.

• Script Dept:
    + Updated PDF Editor engine.
    + PREFX field - keypad now includes ABC button.
    + Breakdown Reports - bug fixes.
    + Progress Reports - bug fixes.

MovieSlate 8.9.32 Release Notes:

• Settings > Speak Credits - fixed several issues.

• Pro Features > Tentacle Sync - updated to support additional device models.

• Script Dept:
    + Updated PDF Editor engine.
    + PDF Page Grid screen > Select button- can once again select multiple pages.
    + Breakdowns > Scan PDF - added "PREFIX NEW SCENES WITH" option.
    + Breakdowns > Scan PDF - better recognition of scenes in some PDFs.
    + Breakdown Reports - "Story Day" now appears in bold, orange text.
    + Breakdown Reports - fixed issue with ALL CAPS character names embedded in other text.
    + Breakdown Reports - fixed cosmetic issue with EXTRAS list.
    + Breakdown Progress Reports - added "REV" below script PDF name.
    + Settings > Script Dept > Breakdown Reports - added "Show Act Totals" option.
    + Progress Reports - production logo (if any) is visible again.
    + Reports - added logic to use default camera colors if no color for current day/project.
    + Added support for custom system fonts in PDF annotations (installed using a third party app).

MovieSlate 8.9.31 Release Notes:

• Music Video - markers list is visible again.

• Slate (iPhone) - adjusted position of MOS clappersticks label.

• PROD field > Clone Project - is working again.

• Settings > Appearance > Flash Graphic - is working again.

• Keyboard was sometimes not appearing on iPads after Snippets lists were dismissed.

• Script Dept:
    + Updated PDF Editor engine.
    + Markup > Pages Grid screen > Select button - is working again.
    + Markup > SSCEN > Plus > Plus > SSCEN > Keypad ABC - is working again.
    + Progress Report - script revision number was sometimes missing.
    + Progress Report - cosmetic refinements to Script Revision & Shoot Progress sections.
    + Breakdowns Screen - scene colors in list and details more reliably match.
    + Breakdown Reports - fixed cosmetic issue with Scene total footers.
    + DAY 0 Scenes - fixed page count display on History screen and Progress Reports.

MovieSlate 8.9.30 Release Notes:

• iOS 15 support added.

• iOS 12 is no longer supported (due to licensed code library updates).

• M1 Macs - fixed crash on launch in Monterey and later versions of Big Sur.

• History Reports - added "Shots for Dates" option (which includes year entry)
  in addition to "Shots for Dates/Times".

• Pro Features - updated RED Camera support.

• Sound Dept > Sound Tracks > Snippets/Menus:
    + ABC button is again visible on iPhone.
    + Fixed issue with Done button sometimes not working properly.
    + Fixed issue with Snippet Menus not always getting dismissed.

• Script Dept:
    + Updated PDF Editor engine.
    + Lunch and Dinner durations now default to half an hour.
    + Dialogue Numbering - now ignoring invisible duplicated dialogue blocks.
    + Breakdown - fixed some scene coloring issues.
    + Breakdown > PDF scanning - now recognizes scene numbers that are not exactly
      on the same line as the slugline to the right of the scene number.
    + Breakdown > "Add New Scene" button - now defaults "Scene was Shot" to "off".
    + Breakdown Reports - no longer crash when scenes include EXTRAs information.
    + Progress Reports - now take less time to generate.
    + Progress Reports - fixed issue with times for first shots after lunch and dinner.
    + Markup - fixed bounding box for pasting timecode/stopwatch as note annotations.
    + Settings - added option: Editors Log > Page Break at Scenes.
    + Settings > Breakdown Reports - added "Show Partial/Complete Status".
    + Settings > Breakdown Reports - added "Cast in ALL CAPS - IN CAST LIST".

MovieSlate 8.9.29 Release Notes:

• History - fixed bug which sometimes created shots which displayed the wrong date, time, duration.  Upon installation of this version, legacy data will be repaired (if any errors are detected).

• Sound Dept:
    + Save Note to Next Shot is no longer affected by History Notes editing.
    + Notes Editor - fixed two layout issues when Sound Tracks are visible.

• Script Dept:
    + Breakdown - added "Scene was Shot" on/off switch.
    + Breakdown - added Completed/Partial buttons to TIME field’s keypad.
    + Breakdown - partial (logged) scenes now appear in purple.
    + Fixed obscure issue which could result in the SETUP field not properly appearing in History.
    + Logging > Grid screen > Import pages - no longer mistakenly asks to remove security.

• TCS Wave/Pulse - fixed issue where shots could auto-end unexpectedly.

MovieSlate 8.9.28 Release Notes:

• "MovieSlate pasted from..." alerts no longer appear at inappropriate times.

• Color Picker:
    + Now displays Color Names.
    + Added Color Swatches.
    + Added Eye Dropper (iPad): press & drag to pickup colors.

• Settings > Store - bug fixes and performance improvements.

• Sound Dept - fix for saving mixer notes to next/previous shot when no shot in progress.

• Script Dept:
    + PDF Document Chooser - removed swipe-to-delete behavior.
    + Logging - camera field swipe left/right now disabled when rating stars are visible.
    + Markup - tramlines weren’t always recognized as such after copying and pasting them.
    + Markup toolbar - the More button (three dots) works properly again.
    + Editors Log & Facing Pages - fixed rare layout issue.
    + Breakdown > TOD > Time Chooser - fix for Daylight Saving Time.
    + Breakdown > TOD - time picker now defaults to time of previous scene (if TOD is blank).
    + Breakdown - added "Omitted Scene" on/off switch to mark omitted scenes.
    + Breakdown > PDF Scanning > Slugline - trailing asterisks are now removed.
    + Settings > Script Dept > Script PDFs - added "Show/Hide Bars" option.
    + Updated the PDF Editing engine.

MovieSlate 8.9.27 Release Notes:

• MovieSlate tab - bugfix: DAY label can now be properly edited from this screen.

• History > Search & Replace > Script - the DAY field is back.

• Script Dept > Logging + Markup:
    + Notes field - added Camera button to add image notes.
    + Added Filename fields for all 26 cameras.
    + Updated PDF editor engine.

• Script Dept > Breakdown:
    + Scan PDF - added on/off switch: "Populate TOD Field".
    + Snippets: All Cast > Edit - character names can now be rearranged.
    + Snippets: All Cast > Edit - added "•••" button to rename a character & alphabetize all characters.
    + Breakdown Reports - now print properly when cast/elements contain parenthesis, brackets, and vertical bar characters.

• Script Dept - Editors Log & Facing Pages:
    + Added Camera Filename fields.
    + Added support for scene/take note images.

• Settings > Script Dept:
    + Clear MORE Camera Data - added "When SSCNE Field Changes" option.
    + Added "Save Screen Grabs from Teradek Video" option.
    + Added prefs for including image notes in EditorsLog & FacingPages.

• Settings > Shot Log History > Save to Photos - bugfix: this now works again.

• MovieSlate XML - added Script Camera Filename (cam_file) and Script Dept Breakdown cast (castName) elements-- if present.

MovieSlate 8.9.26 Release Notes:

• macOS Support.  MovieSlate now runs well on Apple Silicon Macs.

• Access to Contacts:
    + Now requesting access only once (bugfix).
    + Settings > History Reports > Email From/To/BCC - now respects contact access setting.

• Reports:
    + Avid ALE - added more columns to handle notes longer than 250 characters.
    + Script EditorsLog/FacingPages - fixed layout issue (when Settings > Script Dept > Organize Cameras is Rolls in Rows).

• Sound Dept > CSV File importers:
    + Now supports Zaxcom Sound Report Type001 and Type003.
    + Added support for up to 48 tracks (for Zaxcom, Cantar, Sound Devices importers).

• MultiCam - the "Sync to Cameras" button is visible again.

• Settings > Timecode Sync - added Calibrate Tentacle Lag (and fixed some UI issues).

• Settings > History Reports > PDF Options - removed small page sizes.

• Script Dept:
    + Breakdown - Added "Estimated Timing Breakdown" report.
    + Breakdown PDF Scanning - fixed several issues involving sluglines spanning two lines.
    + Breakdown - fixed Synopsis data saving for certain situations.
    + PDF Import - fix for new iOS 14 security.

• Settings > Script Dept:
    + Added Breakdown Reports > "Cast in ALL CAPS" option.
    + Added Breakdown Reports > "Underline Cast" option.
    + Added Data Logging > "Clear MORE Camera data" option.

• External hardware keyboards - text fields now properly accepting text when Settings app > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts is off.

MovieSlate 8.9.25 Release Notes:

• Support for latest iPhone models (native resolutions and screen sizes).

• History Reports:
    + Avid - added 4K+ option, new columns, and combined some existing columns.
    + HTML - is now converted to PDF before previewing.
    + HTML, CSV, Text - now includes Script Dept Camera data (if present).

• Settings:
    + History Reports - added "Email From" option.
    + History Reports > Email To/BCC - fixed several Email Group issues.
    + MSCloud > Groups (and Backup Groups) - are now sorted alphabetically.
    + Text Fields > Sound > Microphone & Sound Track Name - removed Date and Time options.

• Sound Dept:
    + Sound Report - header section is again scaled properly.
    + Sound Tracks > Snippets (iPhone) - ABC button is back.

• Script Dept:
    + Script Breakdown workflow and Reports.  For instructions, see Help > User Guide.
    + Setup > Can now enter negative totals for PAGES, SCENES, SETUP, TIME, WILDS.
    + Logging > Text annotations - better support for iPadOS Apple Pencil "Scribble".
    + Logging > Timecode display - added LAP button (iPad).
    + Logging > Stopwatch - is no longer reset when shot ends without performance laps.
    + Logging > Timecode/Stopwatch > Performance Laps - added trashcan button & stopwatch totals.
    + Logging > Performance Laps Notes - now include stopwatch totals.
    + Logging > Take Duration info is no longer hidden when Stopwatch is visible.
    + Logging > Character Highlighting - improved detection of non-dialogue in some PDFs.
    + Logging > Camera image annotations are working again.
    + Progress Report - added day of week to DATE field.
    + Progress Report - fixed obscure scene count issue.
    + Progress Report - CALL, MEAL 1, MEAL 2, WRAP labels now match the setup screen.
    + Progress Report - fixed obscure scene count issue.
    + Reports - changed "Synopsis" to "Description" and "Balance" to "Difference".
    + Reports - improved pagination.
    + Updated PDF Editor engine.

MovieSlate 8.9.24 Release Notes:

• Supports iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

• Teradek Video - is now compatible with iOS 14 (no longer crashes).

• Script Dept:
    + Progress Report - can now show rolls for more than 26 camera letters/digits.
    + Progress Report - "SND" no longer appears when there is no logged sound roll.
    + Progress Report - can now report “Today Totals” using data manually entered
      from the Script Dept setup screen fields (PAGES, SCNES, SETUP, TIME, WILDS).
    + Progress Report - “Credit Scene in Progress Reports” now only affects totals math
      so the scene still appears in the PR’s scenes list.
    + Facing/Editors - added dotted circle graphic for takes that did not circle all cameras.
    + Facing/Editors - notes lacking explicit background colors now properly appear in reports.
    + FacingPages - removed redudant column headers when camera rolls are in rows.
    + Logging > Camera Labels (Letters) - can now contain up to 3 digits/characters.
    + Logging > Circle Take menu - now shows camera labels instead of letters.
    + Logging > Camera Roll - added up/down arrow buttons to keypad.
    + Logging - the keyboard is now auto-closed when changing cameras while editing camera data.
    + Logging > Image annotation tool > Camera - the iOS camera no longer closes immediately.
    + Logging - added new Magic Ink tool (transforms hand drawn ink to shapes).
    + Logging > Setups button - is now larger and shows options for all 26 cameras.
    + Logging (iPhone) - moved Cameras button into blank space above SROLL.
    + Logging (iPhone) - moved Camera Prefix button to left side of PREFX field.
    + Character Highlighting (iPhone) - now shows navigation bar if it was hidden.
    + Character Highlighting > Edit mode - reduced left margin.
    + Settings > Script Dept > Reports - reorganized options by report type.
    + Settings > Script Dept > Reports - separate options for Facing/Editors.
    + Settings > Script Dept > Reports > Timecode - new option for omitting Frames component.
    + Settings > Script Dept > Tramline Contents - added "Timecode (no Frames)" option.
    + Settings > Text Fields > Script - removed duplicate FRAME option.
    + Updated PDF editor engine.

• Script History Details (iPad):
    + Script Camera LABEL field now uses keyboard and permits up to 3 characters.
    + Script Camera Roll, Framing, Subject - edits are now saved properly again.
    + Script Circle Take menu - now shows camera labels instead of letters.
    + Script Camera NOPRINT message - now shows camera labels instead of letters.
    + Script Camera Setups button - is now larger and shows options for all 26 cameras.

• KeyClips:
    + TABS button works properly again.
    + List’s title textfield textColor is now always white.
    + In Edit mode, tapping main Done button now fires each list’s title editing Done button.
    + In Edit mode, pre/post roll settings are again properly saved on iPad.
    + Page dots background is now properly resized for number of pages.
    + Keyword logging now works again when showing keywords as buttons.
    + Keywords are better centered.

• MultiCam:
    + Keyboard no longer shows/hides when editing view appears.
    + Snippets group title button is now narrower in landscape orientation.
    + Camera row layout fix for iOS 12 in editing mode.

• Sound Dept:
    + Start Shot with no visibly enabled tracks: a "No Tracks are Armed" message appears.
    + Sound Tracks can again be reordered (iOS 12 issue).
    + Sound Report - removed redundant episode information.
    + Sound Report > Convert to PDF - paginates as before.

• History:
    + Shots/SoundRolls lists - now displays Sound Dept data properly for Script Dept users.
    + Search & Replace - improved validation of CAM letter field.
    + Search & Replace > date & time picker restored "wheels" look (iOS 14 issue).

• History Details (iPad):
    + Location field - the clear button now works again.
    + Sound Tracks no longer jump when moving from shot to shot.
    + Script Camera fields again honor their Field Input Styles.
    + Share button - fixed issue that could cause only KeyClips report format to appear.
    + When tapping new row in shots list, keyboard is now hidden
      (prevents copying edited field data to newly selected row’s shot).

• History Details (iPhone):
    + Sound Tracks - screen bottom no longer displays inappropriate buttons.
    + Sound Tracks - back button is again visible after tapping the Edit and Done buttons.
    + Now properly saving cameraModel, cameraOperator, cameraColor, cameraPosition, compression, HDR, sensorFPS, unit.
    + Removed many unwanted gray blocks (except disclosure arrow).
    + CDL field is now properly labled.
    + Notes list > Edit mode - cosmetic improvements.

• History Reports > Email body - production episode no longer appears twice.

• Snippet Menu - the add phrase is now centered horizontally.

• PROD field menu now includes "Choose a Project" when networked projects are available.

• Chat:
    + New Message text field - fixed colors.
    + Fixed display of first new message received.

• Settings:
    + Appearance > Slate Font > font style buttons (A/A/A/A/A at top) are now tinted properly.
    + Behavior > Reset Slate to 1 - no longer affects other fields inappropriately.

MovieSlate 8.9.23 Release Notes:

• History Reports:
    + HTML Reports > Saved as PDF - added new headers and footers (with page numbers)..
    + MovieSlate XML - added support for new Script Camera fields.

• History Projects - now automatically appending Episode to Production name.

• History > Search & Replace - date picker is now visible in dark mode.

• KeyPad (SitCom A-Z) - added "123" and "A-Z" buttons.

• Script Dept:
    + Logging - View two PDFs side-by-side. From logging screen, tap the plus button (top left) and choose “Open PDF in Pane”.
    + Logging - Document tab bar is now auto-closed when only one document is visible.
    + Logging > Cameras - there are now 26 supported cameras (up from 10).
    + Logging > Cameras - added "More" button to log additional camera meta data fields.
    + Logging > Camera buttons - swipe left/right to view more camera letters.
    + Logging > Camera fields - swipe left/right to change cameras.
    + Logging > Camera notes - can now add notes "For Next Take".
    + Logging > Camera fields - clear/copy data for multiple cameras by tapping a field’s label or clear button.
    + Logging > Highlight Characters - can now add Dialogue Numbers to Script PDFs.
    + Logging > Highlight Characters - added Edit and Trash buttons.
    + Logging > Highlight Characters - can now choose first page of dialogue to scan.
    + Logging > Highlight Characters - now recognizes & ignores dialogue numbers to left of character names.
    + Logging > TramHead bubbles are now better centered on text.
    + Logging > TramHead tool icon now reflects bubble shape Settings preference.
    + Notes Editor - titlebar displays scene and take information.
    + Notes Editor - circle take button now works properly when editing a Scene note.
    + Setup screen > Day Totals - now supports both manual and logged totals (PAGES, SCNES, SETUP, TIME, WILDS).
    + Progress Report - adds manual and logged Day Totals together.
    + Reports - improved page breaks, headers, footers (with page numbers).
    + Reports - can now be run for projects without Script PDFs assigned to them.
    + Reports - revised layouts, supporting up to 26 cameras per Take.
    + Editors/Facing Reports - now supports four different layouts (see next item).
    + Settings > Organize Cameras - now organizes camera info and/or rolls as columns or rows.
    + Settings > Tramline Header Contents - added camera field options.
    + Settings > Tramline Header Bubble - added shape options: Oval, Rectangle.
    + Settings - added Tramline Bubble Color.
    + Settings > Show Scroll Buttons - removed "When Stylus is Connected" option.

• User Guide - updated to describe new features and changes.

• Fixed several cosmetic issues.

MovieSlate 8.9.22 Release Notes:

• iOS 11 is no longer supported (due to licensed code library updates).

• Many MovieSlate data files are now available in the Files app and to other apps.

• Settings > History -  added “Save Shot XML to Files” on/off switch,
  providing other apps access to MovieSlate XML data.

• Fixed crash involved with the "Detect External Claps > Detect Sound" feature.

• Bugfix: "Sync to a Song" is no longer available when already synced to a Bluetooth timecode master.

• Script Dept:
    + Added "Highlight Characters" tool (theater mask icon) to Annotation Toolbar.
    + Settings > Script Dept - added "Show Timecode for All Takes" in Editors Log & Facing Pages reports.
    + Take Notes are no longer inappropriately visible when logging starts.
    + Updated PDF editor engine.

• Sound Dept:
    + Now supports up to 48 sound tracks.
    + Notes - fixed some layout issues.

MovieSlate 8.9.21 Release Notes:

• Hardware Keyboard Shortcuts (iPadOS) - many new shortcuts added. 
  To view them: hold down command key (⌘) for a few seconds:

  + Keypad, Color Picker, Snippets Chooser, other Choosers - many shortcuts added.
  + Music Video - added shortcuts for marker/timecode editing.
  + History Details - added Find, Next/Previous Shot, Un/Circle Take.
  + Settings - added Find, Next/Previous Category.
  + Script Dept - added many new shortcuts to the existing ones.
  + Sound Dept - added shortcuts for Notes & SoundTracks.
  + KeyClips & MultiCam > setup screens - added several shortcuts.
  + Help > User Guide - added shortcuts for Find and Done.
  + Most popovers - added cmd-w shortcut to dismiss the popover.

• Settings:
  + History Reports > Email To/BCC > Add (+) button - Email Group Name alert is again centered on screen.
  + Appearance > choosing Themes, Flash Graphic, Color/Gray/Focus Charts - improved user experience (particularly on iPhone).
  + Slate Data Sync > Fields to Receive - added Shot Start/End Notifications.

• Script Dept:
  + Reports - fixed prompt message in the "Choose Days" screen.
  + MSCloud > Receive Shared Data - added option to accept or reject Script PDF.
  + Settings > Script Dept - added button to "Copy SingleCam to MultiCam" settings (and vice versa).
  + Updated PDF editor engine.

• Pro Features > WiFi Timecode & Data Sync > Remote Control:
  + Fixed timing issue for claps & clapper sounds.
  + Music Video song info (including markers) now syncs to remote MovieSlates.
  + New shot start/end timecode/date/time stamps are better synced.

• Pro Features - BETSO WTCS-1 slate can now display credit roll animations when shots are started from the MovieSlate, Sound Dept, and Script Dept screens. Ensure that MovieSlate’s Settings > Behavior has enabled "Send BETSO WTS Credits", "Show Credits", and the desired events: ("Sticks Open", "Sticks Clap", "Shot Ends").

• DATE field (iPhone) - bugfix: now updates immediately when Date Chooser is dismissed.

• Music Video > Edit Marker - bugfix: marker name field was wrong color in dark mode.

MovieSlate 8.9.20 Release Notes:

• History > Reports:
    + Can now build/send multiple reports at once (for most report types).
    + Added new “Notes CSV” format (each row is a note with its shot data).

• Camera > Resolutions:
    + Added options: 4608x2592 and 4608x1920.
    + Added support for custom resolutions.

• Script Dept:
    + Updated PDF editor engine.
    + Report Previews - fixed annotation toolbar position (when anchored at top).

• Settings > MovieSlate Store - buttons on storefront screen work properly again.

MovieSlate 8.9.19 Release Notes:

• History > Reports (HTML/PDF) - again work properly on iOS 12 and older.

• Startup crash fixed for iOS 11.

• Pro Features > Timecode > SYNC - added support for AtomX SYNC Ninja V Module (from Atomos and Timecode Systems). Tap Timecode display, then SYNC button, then “Connect TCS/Atomos Bluetooth”.

• Script Dept:
+ Updated PDF editor engine.
+ PDF Editor now supports iPadOS trackpad/mouse cursor.
+ Annotation Toolbar can now be positioned horizontally at the top of the screen.
+ Annotation Toolbar positioned is now remembered between sessions.
+ MSCloud project sharing - fixed one more issue impacting manual setup counts.

MovieSlate 8.9.18 Release Notes:

• History > Reports (HTML/PDF) - Preview works properly again (the bug did not affect Script Dept).
• Sound Dept > Sound Tracks - can again edit track info without tracks disappearing on iPhone Plus/Max models.

• Settings > In-App Store - fixed some layout issues; updated Script Dept video.

MovieSlate 8.9.17 Release Notes:

• Field Input Styles-- are now compatible with iOS 13.4 (not just the ‘Keyboard’ input style).

• iOS 13.4 Trackpad/Mouse Support added-- buttons now react when the cursor hovers over them.

• iPadOS Split-View support added-- for using MovieSlate side-by-side with another app.
  When the iPad screen is rather narrow:

    + Some user interface elements may not be visible.
    + History tab's Shot Details screen can be swiped horizontally to scroll.
    + Some tabs (History, MultiCam, Sound Dept, Settings, Chat) hide one of their views,
        and provide buttons to pop their hidden view over their visible view.
        Popped views can be dismissed by swiping them horizontally off the screen,
        or by tapping their Done button (when present).

• Settings > Behavior > Clapper Hinge - removed "Locks Rotation" on iPadOS (unsupported with iPadOS Split-View).

• Settings > Behavior > Shot Behavior > On False Takes - added "Suffix Take with 'X'".

• Settings > MovieSlate Cloud > Send/Receive Shared Data - fixed several issues.

• History > Reports > MovieSlate XML > pictureFilename - blank filename suffixes are now permitted.

• Music Video (iPad) - fixed keypad layout.

• Pro Features > LTC Timecode Sync:
    + Improvements to wired microphone input detection and syncing.
    + User Guide and app UI: replaced references to "headphone jack" with "wired microphone input/output".

• Sound Dept:
    + NOTE - fixed issue with "Mixer Note" field sometimes not refreshing after editing.
    + RNOTE - while editing a "Sound Roll" note, the editor's "New Note" button now works properly.
    + Import of Cantar CSV sound report now supports Cantar’s latest CSV format.
    + Settings > Shot Log History - added "Hide Sound Tracks when Editing Sound Notes".
    + History > Sound Reports > Choose Sound Rolls - rolls can now be displayed in A-Z or Z-A order.

• Script Dept:
    + Updated PDF editor engine.
    + Apple Pencil is now the only stylus supported by the updated PDF editor engine.
    + Archived Script Report PDFs (if not zipped) can now be chosen to import or view as document tabs.
    + Progress Report > Days - now includes Days for which no Script Dept setup data was entered.
    + Progress Report - does a better job of excluding unlogged shot data.
    + Settings > Script Dept - added “Include Linked Scenes in Editors Log & Facing Pages”.
    + History > Delete Shot - script camera data is now properly deleted along with the shot.
    + Start Logging button - now showing a spinner while loading the PDF and logging screen.

• Upgraded all Web Viewers in:
    + Code that converts non-Script HTML reports to PDF files.
    + Report Preview screens.
    + Settings > MovieSlate Store screens.
    + Help > User Guide screens.
    + Help > How-To Videos screen.
    + Help > What's New screen.
    + Help > Our Apps screen.
    + Help > Privacy Policy screen.

MovieSlate 8.9.16 Release Notes:

• iOS 11 is once again supported.

• History Data Upgrade - the Slate field is no longer renumbered sequentially.

• History > Delete - added more confirmations to help avoid accidental data deletion.  So after choosing to delete something (using the trashcan button), you’re now prompted to confirm the choice.

• History Details (iPad) - improved Notes searching.

• Notes Editor - physical keyboard shift key again works as expected while typing notes.

• Script Dept:
+ DAY field - can now accept negative numbers.  Keypad now has minus button.
+ Settings > Script Dept > Coverage Lines Bubble - can now be: None, Circle, or Square.
+ PDF annotation saving is now much faster.
+ PDF Editing engine has been updated (bug fixes and optimizations).

MovieSlate 8.9.15 Release Notes:

• External Clappersticks:   
+ Settings > Shot Triggers - sensitivity sliders are again visible (iOS 13 issue).
+ Sound sensitivity adjusted for iOS 13.

• Music Video:
+ Fixed media playback on iOS 12 and older.
+ User interface improvements.
• Script Dept:
+ Restored ability to import PDFs into MovieSlate (iOS 13 issue).
+ PDF Editing engine now supports iOS 13 Dark Mode.
+ Progress Report - bug fix involving unlogged Take data.
+ Reports > Preview - the annotation toolbar color is now correct in iOS 13 Light Mode.
+ All words are no longer auto-capitalized when typing directly into NOTES fields.

MovieSlate 8.9.14 Release Notes:

• This version was never released.

MovieSlate 8.9.13 Release Notes:

• iOS 13 support, including Dark Mode.

• Settings > MovieSlate Cloud - added new "Optional Backup Contents" section.

• Settings > History Reports
+ added "Preserve Note Line Breaks" in HTML, Sound, MultiCam Reports.
+ added "Strip Image & Sound Filenames" from Notes for HTML, TEXT, CSV Reports.

• MovieSlate XML report now includes new "vfxShot" boolean field.

• Sound Report > Title - removed "#" prefix from Episode number.

• Sound Dept > Sound Track labels:   
+ can now be up to 8 characters;
+ hyphenated labels now word-wrap at the hyphens;
+ unhyphenated labels over 5 characters now column-wrap.

• Script Dept:
+ Updated PDF Editor engine.
+ More kinds of annotations can now be freely rotated.
+ Script Report - now works properly if only sharing a single script page.
+ MSCloud > Send/Receive Shared Data - fixes issues with Script Camera data.

MovieSlate 8.9.12 Release Notes:

• This version was never released.

MovieSlate 8.9.11 Release Notes:

• Slate - layout adjustments.
• Slate > Title field - is now properly visible after Shot Start credits animations finish.
• Settings > Zoom Timecode on Clap - zoomed timecode is now adjusted for larger displays.
• Settings > Behavior > Shot Behavior > Flash UserBits on Clap - now works better when also enabling Settings > Zoom Timecode on Clap.

• Script Dept:   
+ Updated PDF Editing engine (bug fixes and optimizations).
+ Text annotations can now be freely rotated.
+ Facing Pages report - [fix] prefixed scenes sometimes did not appear in report.
+ Settings > Script Dept - added "Sort Order in Facing Pages" option.
+ Settings > Script Dept - added "Page Breaks at Scenes in Facing Pages" option.

MovieSlate 8.9.10 Release Notes:

• iOS 10 is no longer supported (due to some code libraries used in MovieSlate).

• History (iPad) - most text fields are now wider.

• History Report building - fixed message HUD layout issue.

• Settings > Behavior > Speak Credits - added 'Phoenetic Alphabet'.

• Settings > Text Fields > SCENE & TAKE:
    + added two "-io" input styles (to omit "i" and "o" scene letters).
• Pro Features - Updated Tentacle SDK.

• Sound Dept - corrected the "shot in progress" layout.

• Script Dept:
    + Updated PDF Editing engine (bug fixes and optimizations).
    + History > Cameras > Clear button - changed "Clear Data for Camera" menu item titles (for clarity).
    + Settings > Script Dept > Reports - added "Count Wildline Setups in Progress Reports".
    + Settings > Script Dept > Coverage Lines Color - changed to separate Line Color and Text Color options.
    + Editors Log report - all takes are now sorted by shooting order.
    + Progress Report - vertical whitespace has been reduced between tables.
    + Progress Report - scenes that were not scheduled are now marked "Unscheduled Scene".
    + Log + Mark - added Stamp and Clipboard annotation tools (to Text tool section)
    + Setup > Scheduled Scenes field now word wraps.
    + Setup - added Day Progress Report counts of Pages, Scenes, Setups, Times, Wildlines.
      These values are automatically calculated when Takes have been logged for the DAY.
      Otherwise, manually enter Day Progress count totals reported by a Script Supervisor
      colleague who might have filled in for the day.

MovieSlate 8.9.9 Release Notes:

• History > Notes - again appear properly for non-ScriptDept users.

MovieSlate 8.9.8 Release Notes:

• Settings > History Reports - added a new Camera Report

• Settings > History Reports > Report Contents - added Camera Operator and DAY fields.

• Settings > Shot Log History > GPS Locations:
    + Added "Refresh when App Opens".
    + Added "Refresh at Interval".
• Settings > History Reports > Email TO/BCC:
    + Added "+" button to create Email Groups not associated with any project.
    + To delete an Email Group, remove all its email addresses.

• Settings (iPad) - selected category (left panel) is once again properly highlighted.

• Settings > History > Send Reports via Email - can now choose Email Group(s) for TO/BCC.

• History > Shots List > Edit mode:
    + Removed ability to swipe and accidentally delete shots.
    + Tapping a row now simply selects it.
    + Tap the trashcan button to delete selected rows.
    + Added new Ⓣ button to circle/uncircle selected shots.

• History > Search & Replace DAY field - related Script Dept scenes are now also updated.

• Slate screen:
    + Added DAY field.
    + Fixed issue where some fields did not initially respond to taps.
• Sound Dept (iPad):
    + Added new RNOTE (Sound Roll Notes) field.
    + Sound Reports now include "Sound Roll Notes" (if any).
• Script Dept: updated PDF Editing engine (bug fixes and optimizations).

• Camera > Sync to Camera > Enter RED IP Address (iPhone) -
  keypad now includes a decimal point key.

• RED Camera Sync - updated to RCP SDK v6.0.36 (compatible with DSMC firmware v5.2.7 or later).

MovieSlate 8.9.7 Release Notes:

• Settings:
    + Added Search box above the list of settings categories.
    + MovieSlate Cloud > Send Shared Data - now via AirDrop or MSCloud.
    + Added "Auto-Correct Notes" to Settings > Shot Log History > History Notes.
    + Added "Show Ⓣ Circle Take" to Settings > Shot Log History > History Notes.
• History:
    + Notes Editor - Ⓣ button can now appear when logging a shot (a Settings preference).
    + Layout optimizations for larger iPad screen sizes.
    + Added "Start/End Take" button - visible only when logging from Script Dept on iPad.

• Script Dept:
    + Updated the PDF Editing engine.
• Reports:
    + HTML Reports - added thumbnails for image notes.
    + Sound Dept Reports - each note within a take now has its own color.
• Fixed several bugs.

MovieSlate 8.9.6 Release Notes:

• Qualified for use with iOS 12.

• Added support for the latest iPhone & iPad screen sizes.

• Pro Features - can now wirelessly sync with UltraSync Blue timecode generators (from Timecode Systems).

• Settings:
  + Timecode + Sync - added "UltraSync Blue" device pairing name text field.
  + Script Dept - added new "MovieSlate Cloud Backup" contents preferences.
  + Script Dept - added "Edit Notes in Field".
  + Script Dept - added "Apple Pencil Double-Tap Action" (for iOS 12.1 or later).
  + History Reports - added "Archives in MSCloud Backups".

• MovieSlate Cloud:
  + Restore - list of backups appears more quickly than before.
  + Restore - user preferences are once again fully restored.
  + Backup - no longer doing incremental backups.
  + Send Shared Data - fixed unresponsive keyboard.
  + Several bug fixes.

• Script Dept:
  + Updated the PDF Editing engine.
  + Setup - DATE field no longer includes time (after choosing a date).
  + Setup - Share menu > Other Scripts - can now be shared without also generating reports.
  + Setup - Progress Report - ShotToDate count now includes ShotToday scenes not also shot on prior days.
  + Logging - Stopwatch button now saves a final LAP when Lap-Timer is running.
  + Logging - user interface is no longer hidden when tapping outside a field being keyboard edited.
  + Logging - added Share/Action button to thumbnail grid screen.
  + Logging - the "Clear SETUP field" setting now fully behaves as intended.
  + Markup - pasted annotations now honor the current state of the PUBLIC/PRIVATE tool.
  + PDF Import - now showing a warning about large PDFs that should be optimized.
  + History (iPad) - INT/EXT/NITE/MOS now appears on the DATA 1-6 panel.
  + Reports - Take Notes now honor the "Preserve Note Line Breaks" Settings preference.

• HTML History Reports - are now properly generated when long report names contain accented characters.
• XML History Reports - added new 'gmtInfo' field.
• Other bug fixes, including a pair of crashes.

MovieSlate 8.9.5 Release Notes:

• iOS 9 is no longer supported due to several code libraries used in MovieSlate.

• Pro Features - can now wirelessly sync with Tentacle Sync E timecode generators.

• Script Dept:
    + PDF > Edit > rename file - periods are no longer automatically replaced with spaces.
    + Reports > Progress > Shoot Days - only shows days for which shots were actually logged.
    + Adding/Editing Scene Notes no longer creates bogus "Untitled" projects and shots.

• Settings > Tabs - fixed issue where tabs could sometimes be listed multiple times.

MovieSlate 8.9.4 Release Notes:

• MSCloud > Restore:
    + HUD now appears immediately before attempting the download.
    + Fixed issues with Script PDF immediately after a data restore.
• Settings > Workspaces > Plus button - changed timing for keyboard appearance.

• Settings > Script Dept > Tramlines > Line Spacing - increased maximum spacing.

• Script Dept > Setup Screen:
    + Added ability to rename PDFs: tap the PDF field, then Edit, then a document row.
    + Fixed date/time formatting issue affecting users running iOS 9 in Spanish.

• Script Dept > Setup Screen > Reports:
    + Report viewer - can now double-tap eraser tool to change eraser size.
    + Script PDF - now properly handles PDFs containing a single page.

• Script Dept > Logging > Scene > PAGE# > Build New Facing Page:
    + Now properly un-highlighting the Scene button afterwards.

MovieSlate 8.9.3 Release Notes:

• False Take button - removes the TAKE's "FT" prefix (if any) after saving the False Take to History.

• History (iPad) > Edit Date/Time - now refreshes the shot list sorting.

• History > CSV Reports - now properly escaping quotation marks.

• Slate screen > Music Video:
    + Settings > Appearance - added "Music Video" section.
    + Added "Start Playback" button to top clapper stick.
    + Added large current Marker text to bottom clapper stick.
    + Timecode display > Green marker - offsets are now relative to current Marker.
    + Editor > Play/Pause button - refreshes properly again.
    + Editor > New Marker > Done button - no longer moves the music playhead.
    + Start & End Markers are now auto-created when choosing songs.
• Insert Headphone Jack > Sync Timecode - fixed app crash.

• External Clappersticks sound and movement detection:
    + Detection now starts 1.5 seconds after the "Detect External Sticks" button is tapped.
    + Settings > Behavior > Shot Triggers - sensitivity can now be set 4x greater than before.
• Sound Dept Reports - improved pagination.

• MovieSlate Cloud:
    + Backups - are now incremental, so can be faster to upload/download.
    + Groups - manage groups in-app; to share Backups among members (Pro Feature).
    + Backups Group Sharing - bug fixes (as a result: you'll have to re-share Backups).
• Notes editor:
    + Added command-delete (physical) keyboard shortcut to clear note text.
    + Moved the clear note button (round "x") down and left (on iPad).
• Script Dept Logging > SSCEN > Plus button > More Scenes > Plus button:
    + New scenes can now be entered as a comma-delimited list.
    + New scenes can now be entered with a "pt" suffix to indicate "PARTIAL" scene.
• Script Dept > Progress Report:
    + First Shot After Lunch - is now correct when lunch has an ending time.
    + First Shot After Dinner - is now correct when dinner has an ending time.
    + Scene Notes are now included for all of a scene's setups.
• Script Dept > Report - bug fix: private annotation removal from exported Script PDFs.
• Settings > Script Dept:
    + Added option: Preserve Note Line Breaks In Editors Log & Facing Pages.
    + Added option: Show Setup Counts in Editors Log Reports.
    + Added option: Auto-Enable Public Annotations on Tramline Tool taps.
• Help - added Privacy Policy button.

MovieSlate 8.9.2 Release Notes:

• Script Dept > Markup:
    + Duplicate Bookmarks are now repaired when opening a PDF document.
    + Left/Right Bookmark button - optimized performance.
    + Build/Insert Facing Page - no longer duplicates bookmarks.
    + Grid screen > import - no longer duplicates bookmarks.
    + Grid screen > clear/add bookmark button - optimized performance.

MovieSlate 8.9.1 Release Notes:

• History Reports - can now be shared without an email account.

• Script Dept:
    + Tramline Text Tool - now positions new header to the immediate right of existing headers.
    + Markup - can now Lock annotations (from Edit menu above selected annotations).
    + Markup - can now Unlock annotations (from Edit menu that appears when long-tapping the page).
    + Logging - bug fix: wrong notes were sometimes edited (after choosing from NOTES menu button).
    + Logging - bug fix: the new "TAKE Note Color" preference setting was not always honored.
    + Reports - report names are once again suggested.
• Sound Dept:
    + Changed "Roll Sound (start shot)" to "Start the Shot".
    + Changed "Cut! (end shot)" to "End Shot".
• Settings > Appearance > Sound Dept:
    + Added "Start Shot Button Color".

MovieSlate 8.9.0 Release Notes:

• Sound Dept:
    + Cantar sound recorder CSV files can now be imported into MovieSlate.

• MovieSlate Cloud:
    + Backup naming alert is now much wider.

• Settings > Script Dept:
    + Added "Page Mode" option to show two pages side-by-side.
    + Added "Show Day/Date/Time" for all Scenes in Editors Log and/or Facing Pages.
    + Added "Scene Note Color" and "Take Note Color" options.
    + Added "Clear SETUP field when SSCEN changes" option.
    + Added "Reset TAKE to 1" options for changes to SSCEN and SETUP fields.
    + Added "Show Ratings & Issues" option.
    + SingleCam/MultiCam sections are now a single "Coverage Lines" section.
    + Added "Coverage Lines" options for default Line Thickness, Spacing, Font, Size, Color.
    + Added "Timecode + Stopwatch Annotations" section with default Font, Size, Color.

• Script Dept > Setup screen > Reports:
    + Reports can now have custom filenames.
    + Script PDF - removed "DAY" button; "BOOKMARK" and "ALL" remain.
    + Setup screen - fixed bug where LUNCH and DINNR end times were not always saved

• Script Dept > Editors Log & Facing Pages:
    + Can now include multiple days (when generated without Progress Report).
    + Description column is now wider.
    + Day/Date/Time is highlighted for first Scene of the Day.
    + Scene '5AA' now sorts after '5Z' on Facing Pages.

• Script Dept > Progress Report:
    + Changed PARTIAL Scene abbreviation from 'p' to 'pt'.
    + Changed "PUSHED" to "NOT SHOT".
    + Added "EST." prefix to "RUNNING TIME".

• Script Dept > Markup:
    + Tramlines can now be stretched without changing their line thickness.
    + Added "PUBLIC ONLY" and "PRIVATE ONLY" items to the menu above selected annotations.
    + Text annotations are no longer blurry after being repositioned.

• Script Dept > Markup > Thumbnail Grid > Bookmark button:
    + changed the 'Import' button name to 'Select'.
    + changed the 'Actions' button name to 'Import'.
    + tap the 'Select' button to select multiple pages to bookmark/clear.

• Script Dept > Logging:
    + PREFX field - added "CAM" button to show Scene prefix for specific cameras in reports.
    + NOTES field - added star button to show/hide ratings during a take.
    + TIME & PAGES field editing - warnings now appear for non-zero values in related Scenes.
    + Circle Takes - Scene/Take list sometimes contained inappropriate data.

• Help > User Guide > Script Dept chapters - updated for new features.

• Other bug fixes and performance enhancements.

MovieSlate 8.8.9 Release Notes:

• Music Video:
    + Markers list now properly scrolls again.
    + Sliders no longer jump when finger dragging stops.
• Settings > Appearance - added Circle Take Color option.

• MovieSlate Cloud - optimizations.

• InAppStore - using new subscriptions terms & conditions text.

• Script Dept - improved support for shoot days which span midnight

• Script Dept > Markup screen:
    + Teradek screen grabs - can now be saved as a note or PDF annotation.
    + Popup toolbar menu now includes "Image Note" tool.
    + Text tool - now remembering defaults for font, point size, and text/background colors.
    + Tramline Header - stays selected when auto-adding tramlines.

• Script Dept > Markup > Thumbnail Grid screen:
    + Renamed "Edit" button to "Import".
    + Added new "Edit" button with tools to add, delete, rotate, export pages.
    + In Edit mode, blank pages can now be added to PDF documents.
    + In Edit mode, a page can now be long-tapped then dragged to new location.

• Settings > Script Dept:
    + added "Stopwatch Options” to stop/start/clear/reset timer when shots start/stop.
    + added "Bookmark Facing Pages when inserting into a Script PDF" option.

• Script Dept > Reports - now supports per-project email addresses (from MovieSlate's Settings).

• Script History > Roll field - added button to clear a camera's data for the shot or scene.

• Help > Script Dept - "tramlines" are now also referred to as "coverage lines".

MovieSlate 8.8.8 Release Notes:

• Video tab and screens - now properly supports Teradek Clip, Cube, Serv Pro, and Slice products (and their login passwords).
• Settings > History Reports > My Logo - fixed a rare bug.
• Script Dept:   
  + Facing Pages can now be inserted into the Script PDF - from Log+Mark Script > PAGE# field > keypad.
  + Reports - blank PDF pages are now automatically removed.

MovieSlate 8.8.7 Release Notes:

• Settings > Shot Log History > CSV Templates - removed superfluous data from the exported file.
• Import CSV Data - added support for two overlooked fields.
• History > Slate button > Copy this Shot to Slate - added support for four overlooked camera fields.
• Slate - fixed obscure auto-increment bug related to disabled "Show Slate when Shot Ends".
• Pro Features: RED camera sync updated to REDLink SDK v6.51.0 (2017-12-15).

MovieSlate 8.8.6 Release Notes:

• Settings > Behavior - added “Reset SLATE to 1 when SCENE changes”.
• Settings > History Reports > FCP7 XML Options - added “Include Colors for Premiere”.
• History > Reports > FCP7 XML - marker notes can now have durations.
• Pro Features:
  + Added support for Betso WTCS-1 wireless slate.
  + Settings > Behavior - rearranged Credits section and added some new options.
• Script Dept:
  + Setup screen - added RTIME (Running Time) field; used in Progress Reports.
  + Progress Report > "To Be Shot" row - now contains Over/Under/Running Time.
  + Logging screen - added "Camera Setups Count" button to SETUP field.
  + Logging screen - keypad now has up/down buttons for all Camera ROLL fields.
  + Markup screen - tool line width preferences are now preserved between sessions.
  + History - better handling of DAY 0 shots.
• Changed all “LABO HAL” references to “QuineBox IoT”.

• Updated User Guide for:
  + Betso WTCS-1
  + Script Dept Logging > SETUP
  + QuineBox IoT (formerly “LABO HAL”)

MovieSlate 8.8.5 Release Notes:

• iPhone X and iOS 11 optimizations (many, many, many).
• New Image Editor for Slate, History, Notes.
• Settings > Behavior > Speak Credits - default voice speed sounds more normal.                           

• Slate > In-Progress > Tail Sticks button (visible when Settings > Behavior > 'Show Slate when Shot Ends' is off):
  + Now properly displays Tail Sticks data for shot just ended (instead of the next shot).
  + Now properly auto-increments once instead of twice.

• Pro Features:
  + RED camera sync updated (compatible with DSMC firmware v5.2.7 or later).
  + Can no longer edit timecode when synced with RED cameras (a RED-imposed change).
  + Fixed several camera sync issues.
  + Settings > Timecode + Sync > Auto-Receive WiFi - option added.
• Script Dept:
  + Logging screen > NOTES menu widget - added "For Next Take".
  + Added "Make Default" button to tramline color picker.
  + Using larger thumbnails when importing pages from other PDFs.
  + PDF page number is now better retained when switching screens.
  + History > Details - now properly displays DAY '0'.
  + Reports now support camera data when DAY is '0'.

MovieSlate 8.8.4 Release Notes:

• Compatible with iOS 11.
• Added support for the iPad Pro 10.5-inch native resolution.
• Added higher resolution graphics.
• Help > How-To Videos - new movies for: Music Video, Script Dept.
• Music Video - several improvements and bug fixes.
• Sound Dept > Recorder sync - networking improvements, and a crash fix.
• Slate > 'Arm Before Each Shot' button now reappears when shots end.
• Settings > Behavior > Shot Triggers - added Motion Sensitivity.
• Date/Time Pickers - fixed layout on iPhones. Taller pickers on all devices.
• MovieSlate Cloud - improved support for groups.
• Zip compression - works with passwords once again.
• Help - navigation improvements and updated information.
• History > Search & Replace - added an optional date/time filter.
• History > Notes - empty notes are now automatically deleted periodically.
• History > Details > Edit Timecode:
  + Can now edit Duration in addition to Timecode In/Out.
  + Added '00' and '0000' keypad buttons.

• Script Dept:
  + Setup > Reports - added 'Share Other PDF' option.
  + Setup > DAY field now accepts '0'.
  + Logging - added + button (top left) to view other PDF documents in a tabbed interface.
  + Logging - added SAVE button (top right) to save PDF documents (they are also auto saved periodically).
  + Logging > SLATED SCENES - are now comprised of three fields: PREFX, SSCEN, SETUP.
  + Logging > SSCEN > ⊕ plus button - can now add Notes and UNIT to these 'More Scenes'.
  + Logging > PREFX - is used to prefix scenes as "R" (RETAKE), "X" (2ND UNIT), and others.
  + Logging > TIME field - no longer uses auto-calculated values.
  + Logging > Tramline Header Tool - now adds/removes circles (bubbles) for selected tramline headers.
  + Logging > Selection tool - double-tap to select or deselect all of a page's annotations.
  + Logging > Eraser tool - improved double-tap detection for changing eraser size.
  + Logging > Eraser tool - eraser size is better supported.
  + Logging > Thumbnail Grid screen > Edit - fixed several add/replace/delete pages issues.
  + Logging > Circle Takes button - is now a Ⓣ icon.
  + Logging & History > Circle Takes menu - can now uncheck cameras to mark them as "NO PRINT".
  + Logging & History - can now make camera-specific Take notes by double-tapping a camera’s letter button.
  + Editors+Facing reports - now organizes cameras in columns or rows (see Settings > Organize Cameras).
  + Editors+Facing reports - now indicates "NO-PRINT" cameras (if any) for Circled Takes.
  + Editors+Facing reports - now includes camera-specific Take notes (if any).
  + Editors+Facing reports - bolded Scene text no longer includes "Additional Scenes".
  + Editors+Facing reports - note rows are now drawn using each note's background color.
  + Editors Log report - the "Setup" text now counts cameras as setups.
  + Progress report - several fixes and enhancements.
  + Settings > Text Fields > Script - added Scene Prefix, Script Scene Unit, and Camera Notes.
  + Settings > Script Dept - added "Include SCENE Notes in Progress Reports" option.
  + History > Shot lists - badge now counts both Take Notes and Script Scene Notes.

• Many other small bug fixes.

MovieSlate 8.8.3 Release Notes:

• Settings > Store - "Manage" and "Installed" buttons are visible again.

• Settings > Shot Log History - added option: "Auto-Show Keyboard when Editing a Note".

• Script Dept > Editors Log Report - Setups are now numbered per-day instead of per-scene.

• Script Dept > REV field:
    + Settings > Text Snippets - on fresh install contains new "Script Colors" snippet list.
    + Settings > Text Fields > Script > REV - on fresh install its input style is "Menus Script Colors".
    + Snippets for this field containing "Date" or "Today" are substituted with today's date.
        + Set date format from Settings > History Reports > Report Date Format.

MovieSlate 8.8.2 Release Notes:

• Avid ALE Reports:
    + Now encoding a field's special characters to standard ascii.
    + Now ensuring that all field's exclude asterisks, returns, tabs.
    + Make sure no field exceeds 255 chars.
    + Added these new fields: Latitude, Longitude, Address, City, State, PostalCode, Country.

• Script Dept:
    + Progress Report - Day NOTES now properly appear on the last page of the report.
    + History details (iPad) - Scene information is now always visible f

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