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iOS Compatibility Information

MovieSlate 8 (current)

MovieSlate 8.9.8 released 2/14/2019 (64-bit for iOS 10, 11, 12)

iOS 9 users: Versions of MovieSlate 8 after 8.9.4 will not be compatible with iOS 9. There are several improtant software libraries MovieSlate depends on that no longer support iOS 9. Current users running iOS 9 on their devices can still install MovieSlate 8.9.4 from the App Store but to install later versions iOS 10 or later will be required.

iOS 12: We are currently testing MovieSlate with the release version of iOS 12. If needed we will publish an update to address any iOS 12-specific issues that arise. Please note that we do not support running MovieSlate 8 on beta or preview versions of iOS. If you are using MovieSlate for critical work we strongly recommend you keep your work devices running iOS 11 until we release an iOS 12-qualified update for MovieSlate on the App Store.
(Updated October 3, 2018)

MovieSlate 7 (discontinued)

MovieSlate 7.9 (32-bit for iOS 8 and older)

MovieSlate 7 support ended in August 2015. MovieSlate 7 and older will not run on iOS 11. Due to Apple’s 64-bit app submission requirement we are unable to publish any iOS compatibility fixes. We recommend MovieSlate 7 owners keep their mission-critical devices at iOS 8 or purchase MovieSlate 8.

MovieSlate 8 Features. For more information on upgrading to MovieSlate 8, revised Pro Features purchasing options, and a data migration guide please click here.

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