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Welcome to MovieSlate 8

Rewritten & Optimized as 64-bit for iOS 10 and newer

What is MovieSlate 8?

MovieSlate 8 is a new app with many new features, designed to run exclusively on iOS 9 and newer. With iOS 9’s many underlying changes and new capabilities, it was no longer feasible to keep the version 7 app running properly on iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8 and newer.

Is MovieSlate 8 a free update?

MovieSlate 8 is not a free update to MovieSlate 7.

Is there an upgrade available?

The App Store does not support software upgrades. We wish that true software upgrades were supported but the upgrade is purchasing the MovieSlate 8 app.

How do I move my data from MovieSlate 7 to MovieSlate 8?

Here’s a simple Migration Guide to help you move your MovieSlate 7 data to MovieSlate 8.

Is MovieSlate 7 going away?

Yes. It already has. The 32-bit MovieSlate 7 app was replaced by the 64-bit MovieSlate 8 app in August 2015. Due to Appleā€™s App Store rules regarding 32-bit apps, it was not possible for us to update the MovieSlate 7 app after August 2015.

If you previously purchased MovieSlate 7 and want to install it on a device running iOS 6, 7, or 8, please follow these instructions.

Beginning with iOS 11, 32-bit apps like MovieSlate 7 will no longer launch. To use MovieSlate on an device running iOS 11 or later you must upgrade to MovieSlate 8. Upgrading all your mission-critical apps to 64-bit versions will be necessary for iOS 11 and later.

What about MovieSlate plugins?

In MovieSlate 8, multiple plugin purchases are replaced with a very affordable “Pro Features” monthly subscription that bundles all the existing plugin features— plus exciting new features. You can also make a one-time purchase for the Pro Features, if preferred. The Script Dept is only available as a monthly subscription.

With the subscription model, customers can pay for Pro Features only when needed for a particular period of time. A single subscription enables the “Pro Features” on all of your iOS devices running MovieSlate 8.

Do my MovieSlate 7 plugin purchases apply to MovieSlate 8?

No, plugin purchases do not transfer to MovieSlate 8.

  • New “KeyClips” keyword-based logging workflow available with Pro Features subscription (or one-time purchase).
  • New free “KeyClips” macOS app organizes your Final Cut Pro X logged media and enables easy media linking for shot-based workflows (a major feature request!).
  • New “Script Dept” designed for Script Supervisors, import and mark scripts, log shots, create Progress Reports, Editor’s Logs, and marked script PDFs. Script Dept is an optional in-app subscription.
  • “Pro Features” optional in-app subscription (or one-time purchase) now includes:
    • Sound Dept features
    • MultiCam features
    • MovieSlate Cloud Pro
    • KeyClips keyword logging
    • Sync LTC timecode
    • Sync WiFi timecode
    • Sync with new Timecode Systems products (:pulse, :wave, :buddy master, UltraSync Blue)
    • Sync with WiFi timecode slates: Denecke TS-TCB and BETSO WTCS-1
    • Sync with Bluetooth timecode: Tentacle Sync E, UltraSync Blue
    • Sync metadata and control for supported RED Epic & Scarlet cameras via REDLink hardware.
    • Sync with supported ARRI Alexa cameras via Timecode Systems :pulse hardware (When :pulse hardware becomes available and it’s firmware supports ARRI cameras)
    • Sync metadata and transport control of Sound Devices 6-series recorders via Timecode Systems :wave hardware (Available now! Upgrade your :wave and 6-series firmwares.)

New Features in MovieSlate 8

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  • Optimized for iOS 10 and later. 64-bit. Leaner, meaner, faster.
  • Supports the new screen sizes Apple introduced with the iPad Pros and the iPhone ‘Plus’ size models.
  • Customize much more of the Slate screen’s layout and data fields.
  • Screen improvements to: Slate, Sound Dept, Camera, History, Settings, Snippets, Color Picker, Date Picker, Resolution Picker, Image Editor.
  • New "Data Slate" screen.
  • History Reports - email recipient TO/BCC lists can now be created on a global and/or per-project basis.
  • AirPrint text-based and html-based History reports to compatible printers.
  • Support for AirDrop, Dropbox, and other services for sharing History reports between devices running iOS 10 and later and modern Macs running Yosemite or newer.
  • Many new Settings, options, and improvements throughout the app.
  • Enhanced Music Video mode, create and manage per-song markers for quick setup access.
  • Improved Adobe Prelude Marker support
  • Improved Final Cut Pro 7 XML support
  • Improved Adobe Premiere batch file support
  • Added support for Teradek Serv Pro and Slice
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