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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have them, here are answers to the common ones.

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1 Q. Is it possible to silence all other notifications, text and emails, but still hear the clap when needing to slate? Posted 09/16/2020 General
2 Q. The iPad's internal speaker is not loud enough to hear, can I use an external speaker? Posted 09/15/2020 General
3 Q. Is MovieSlate available for Android, Windows, Surface, macOS, Linux, etc? Posted 08/28/2020 General
4 Q. Which sound recorders are supported for Sound Recorder Control? Posted 08/28/2020 Sound Dept
5 Q. How do I quit the MovieSlate app? Posted 08/17/2020 Troubleshooting
6 Q. How can I back up MovieSlate shot data? Posted 08/12/2020 MovieSlate Cloud
7 Q. My clappersticks have vanished how do I get them back?
Posted 08/07/2020 General
8 Q. Do you have a clear side-by-side feature comparison for the MovieSlate app, Pro Features, and Script Dept subscriptions? Posted 08/04/2020 Sales
9 Q. How do I set the timecode on the slate? Posted 08/04/2020 General
10 Q. How do I circle all takes in History? Posted 07/30/2020 General
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