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Frequently Asked Question Posted 06/26/2015

When I try to edit the Timecode Buddy Master's settings MovieSlate displays a message telling me to set the Buddy Master in infrastructure mode, why?

When attempting to change a Timecode Buddy WiFi Master’s settings or timecode, MovieSlate 8 may display an error message:

To control TCB Master: set its WiFi to “Infrastructure”

The underlying technical explanation is that the TCB Master is unable to receive TCP packet data from the iOS device.

The most common cause of this error: the TCB Master’s WiFi mode is set to the legacy “Ad Hoc” protocol, which is not supported by iOS 8.

To work around the error, try configuring the TCB Master to join a WiFi network generated by a WiFi hub or router (what the Buddy Master refers to as “Infrastructure” mode). Then, go to the iOS Settings app > WiFi, and join that same WiFi network.

If this does not remedy the issue, try restarting the TCB Master and your iOS device. It may also help to wait a few minutes and try to edit the settings again.

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