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Frequently Asked Question Posted 10/06/2011

Do you have a list of cameras compatible with MovieSlate's LTC "PRO Sync" module?

No, we do not have such a list-- here's why:

Any camera, audio recorder deck, or timecode generator that sends/receives SMPTE LTC timecode audio signal should work. Please check your device's owner manual or use Google/Bing to search for your device model specifications.

Please note that most of these devices output LTC at LINE level, the audio input on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch through the headphone jack is MIC level, so you will need to "pad" or attenuate the LTC signal down to MIC level. Only at the appropriate signal level is MovieSlate able to decode the incoming time code. We have another FAQ devoted to cabling and adapters for this purpose:

Nearly all broadcast cameras have built-in support. Some "prosumer" and low-end pro cameras may support SMPTE LTC. No consumer-level camera we have seen supports SMPTE LTC. DSLRs like the Canon 5D Mk II and Nikon D3100 do not support SMPTE LTC. This does not mean that users of these cameras can't take advantage of the LTC capabilities of MovieSlate! Please see this FAQ for ideas on integrating LTC into your DV or DSLR workflows:

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