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Reality MultiCam Pro Feature

Simultaneously log data and notes for up to 26 cameras.

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Log Multiple Shots.
Indicate which cameras caught the action by tapping their closed iris.

End a camera’s shot by tapping its red lens button.

Easy Input.
Designed for the new breed of on-set loggers who will work from this MultiCam logging screen— using the keyboard and customized snippets to enter notes; optionally ★-rating content/photography; and entering camera rolls and clip filenames.

Know that you’ve got coverage.
Reality and Documentary crews often use multiple cameras, working in units and need to track: who said what; which units and cameras captured the action; and which rolls and clip files contain the footage.

Simple Setup.
Tap the edit button to set operator names, and optional colors used to
quickly identify cameras.

Mark which cameras are on-set by tapping their checkmarks green.

Valuable Output.
Editorial will have the complete notes they need to create edit scripts.

Post Production will know where to find the content for any particular timecode index on any given production day.

This feature includes a dedicated MultiCam report. Individual shots (from each camera) can be imported to Final Cut Pro X (using our free KeyClips app for macOS), Avid Media Composer, and Adobe Premiere.

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