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We know you have them, here are answers to the common ones.

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21 Q. How do I circle all takes in History? Posted 07/30/2020 General
22 Q. How can I email my report via the Share button if it only gives me a "Preview" and "Share/Print" option? Posted 07/30/2020 Troubleshooting
23 Q. How do I do series within a take using the Script Dept workflow? Posted 07/30/2020 Script Dept
24 Q. How do you sync time code to Movieslate if your iPhone or iPad doesn't have a headphone jack? Posted 07/30/2020 Timecode Sync
25 Q. We are shooting multiple scenes simultaneously, how can I log and credit those scenes in Script Dept? Posted 07/30/2020 Script Dept
26 Q. I would like to suspend my MovieSlate Pro Features or Script Dept membership for a few months and then resume it when work returns in the fall. Is there a way to do that without losing my data? Posted 07/30/2020 Pro Features
27 Q. Can you refund my purchase? Posted 07/30/2020 Sales
28 Q. How many backups do I get with the free level of service? Posted 07/30/2020 MovieSlate Cloud
29 Q. How do I start the free trial of Pro Features or Script Dept? Posted 07/30/2020 Pro Features
30 Q. We want to log and note non-scripted scenes, like B-roll. How can we log these scenes without them being counted in the scene count totals but still have them appear in our Editor's Log? Posted 07/30/2020 Script Dept
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