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Frequently Asked Question Posted 08/08/2020

I have an iPad with a USB-C connector, can I still get a LTC-IN signal for timecode sync?

Yes, there are some adapters that will allow MovieSlate 8 to sync timecode for USB-C iPads.

Tested adapters that work:

* Rode SC4 3.5mm TRS to TRRS Microphone Cable Adaptor:

Cable chain: TC generator > unattenuated TRS cable > Rode SC4 adapter > Apple headphone to USB-C adapter > iPad Pro

* SYIHILON USB-C adapter:

Cable chain:LTC source > a padded TRRS cable (described on our website) > SYIHLON USB-C adapter > iPad Pro.

Adapters we have tested that unfortunately do not work for LTC on the iPad Pro:

* Apple headphone-to-USB-C adapter (alone)
* Cubilux USB C Headphone Adapter

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