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Frequently Asked Question Posted 02/03/2012

Can MovieSlate's Sound Department plug-in send my sound reports in Acrobat PDF format?

It is a major undertaking to build PDF creation into the app itself.
We suggest this inexpensive workaround:

  • Purchase the $5 “PDF Printer for iPad” app.

  • Run that app at least once.

  • Using MovieSlate, email the Sound Report to yourself.

  • Run the iPad’s Mail app, and read the message that contains the report.

  • Tap on the report (in the email) and choose Open in “PDFPrinter”.

  • Tap on the report within the PDF Printer app.

  • Tap the button with the double arrows on it.

  • The app will convert your report to a PDF, and can then be email the PDF onward to post.

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