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Frequently Asked Question Posted 11/01/2011

My cameras are old DV units or are consumer models with no LTC support. Can MovieSlate's optional PRO Sync module still help me sync a multi-cam shoot?

Yes, through additional software available from VideoToolShed.

Here's how:

1- Set MovieSlate to output timecode through one of the audio channels and connect from the headphone jack to your camera's AUX/MIC audio.

2- Shoot your footage with MovieSlate running and Sending sync through the headphone jack. The LTC audio signal will be recorded on on one channel of your DV tape. (Please note the obvious: If this cam is handling your main sound then you will not have stereo audio).

3- Import the footage into Final Cut Pro or Avid.

4- Use VideoToolShed's "FCP auxTC reader" software to create an AUX TC track in FCP/Avid and sync your footage with your other cams and audio.

Disclaimer: We do not have any relationship with VideoToolShed and also cannot attest to the function of "FCP auxTC reader". Please visit the website for more information and 3rd-party websites like Creative Cow for more information and workflow tips.

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