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“Best app out there for a pro production company. You’ve just saved me thousands on replacing our old Denecke slate (that used to drop a frame about every three hours). You’ll be pleased to know yours has been bench testing for 7+ Hrs now and not dropped” 

Graham Essenhigh
Bubble Production Company, UK
Wow... Amazing product guys. We plugged iPhone to our digi-beta cameras (BNC fittings) using a cheap £9 ready made 3.5pm jack to triple phono plug. We connected one of the Audio connectors using a phono-to-BNC adapter. Sync happened immediately. £40 total spent on MovieSlate syncing to new Denecke electronic slate at £1500. Its a no-brainer. We’re off to buy an iPad now so we can use with a bigger screen. Many thanks for such a great product.

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