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KeyClips Logging for FCPX Pro Feature

Log from MovieSlate’s KeyClips tab by tapping keywords describing on-set actions

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Image: KeyClips logging interfaces on iPad and iPhone

Logging Markers.
Log a Marker by tapping a keyword in the Markers list (the fifth list).
Log Marker Phrases by tapping the + MARKER button.
Build a phrase by tapping one or more keywords from any keyword list.
Log Marker Notes by
tapping the pencil button, then typing freeform text.

Time Travel— with Pre-Roll.
While shooting, it can take a few seconds for loggers to recognize an event. The solution is to
choose a pre-roll value.
Then tap a keyword to start a KeyClip in the past (the pre-roll value). Keywords can also be edited to use their own individual pre-roll value.

Starting/Ending Timecode.
Green Timecode is a KeyClip’s default starting (pre-rolled) timecode.
Red Timecode is a KeyClip’s ending timecode.

Image: Edit Snippet interface

Have it your way— tap the Edit button.
  • Show/Hide/Rearrange the five keyword lists and their contents.
  • Choose default colors for keywords in each list.
  • Edit individual keywords, their colors, and Pre/Post-Roll durations.
  • Link multiple keywords to start and/or stop when one is tapped.

Keywords are actually standard MovieSlate snippets—
used elsewhere throughout the app

So, what is a KeyClip?
A KeyClip is a keyword with starting and ending timecode. KeyClips become Final Cut Pro X keywords, sequences, and markers.

Keyword-based Logging.
MovieSlate’s KeyClips screen logs keywords, markers, and notes. It is available to Pro Features subscribers. Learn More

Start Logging KeyClips by tapping a keyword in one of the first four lists: Location, Activity, People, Topic. Active keywords have white checkboxes.

Stop Logging KeyClips by tapping a checked keyword or red clear buttons.
Start & Auto-Stop a KeyClip by tapping its timer button (for keywords configured with post-roll values).
Countdown digits appear once a keyword’s timer has started.

Playing Favorites.
Log Favorite and
Rejected clips by tapping one of these buttons.

Keyword Lists.
Add keywords to a list by tapping its plus button.
Change keyword snippet groups by tapping a list’s bordered button and choosing a new or existing snippet group.

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