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Frequently Asked Question Posted 08/18/2020

How do I correct Script Dept logging mistakes?

Editing data after a shot ends

Most shot data can be edited from the History screen. Tap History, select a shot, and then tap on fields displayed to edit the values. Some data, such as Script Dept's Progress Report data can be edited from the Script Dept screen by changing the DAY field to the shoot day you want to edit. Tap the fields to edit the values.

Changing Call / Lunch / Dinner / Wrap times for previous shoot days.

Tap on the Script Dept tab, then tap the DAY field and enter the shoot day you want to edit the times for. MovieSlate will load the stored times into the fields, tap a field to edit it's value.

Changing a shot's PAGE number

In History tap on the shot to view it's details. Tap on the PAGE# field to bring up the editing keypad. Use the keypad to enter the correct page, then tap the Done button. More Info

Changing the date or time a shot was recorded

In History tap on the shot you wish to edit. Tap on the date that appears above the Shot Title field. Use the date-time picker to set a new shot date and time.

Changing the timecode values of a shot

In History tap on the shot you wish to edit. Tap on the timecode In - Out display that appears above the Duration value. Use the date-time picker to set new Timecode-In, Timecode-Out, or Duration to override MovieSlate's automatic duration calculation.

Adding a missed shot

If you missed logging a shot you can add it after the fact using the Clone / Re-slate tool. In History tap on the shot immediately previous to your missing shot. Tap the Slate+ button in the upper-right next to the Notes Search box. More Info

Use the "Clone this Shot" option to create a duplicate of the currently selected shot. The duplicate shot will have a shot TITLE value of "New Shot" with the current date and time. Edit any values you need changed including Date, Timecode, Roll/Scene/Take, etc.

Use the "Copy this Shot to Slate" to slate the missing shot. MovieSlate will populate the slate fields, edit the values as necessary and run your shot.

Use the "Copy to Slate, then Delete" to create a new shot and replace the currently selected shot you're using as a data source. The currently selected shot will be deleted. Run your shot to save a replacement shot record.

Changing the DAY which a shot was made

If you forgot to advance the DAY field and then logged shots you can re-assign those shots to a different day. First tap on the Script Dept tab and tap on the DAY field and enter the new DAY value. Now go to History, navigate to the DAY the shots were logged under. Tap the Search & Replace button near the top of the Shot list, its next to the Shot Search box and looks like a magnifying glass.

Tap the Script button. If you don't see "Script" as an option make sure you've told MovieSlate that you're working Script: Tap Settings > Shot Log History > Logger Info. Set Department to Script. Once you've tapped the Script button on the Search & Replace tool, tap DAY. In the Search box enter the DAY value you want to change. In the Replace field enter the DAY you want to re-assign the shots to. Then use the "Any Age", "Newer Than", or "Older Than" scope buttons to limit the search and replace operation to just the shots you want to re-assign. Tap the Go button at the top of the screen to commit the Search & Replace operation.

Correcting a Progress Report for a previous day

From the Script Dept Setup screen tap the DAY field to display the keypad. Enter the Day you want to edit and tap Done. MovieSlate will load the values for that day. Make whatever corrections you need to. You can then generate a corrected Progress Report for said day. When you're finished, tap the DAY field again, enter your current or previously selected day to re-load values and continue logging.

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