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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have them, here are answers to the common ones.

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1 Q. What has changed in MovieSlate 8.9.31? Posted 12/09/2021 Release Notes
2 Q. I've used the Member Share feature to send a project to a colleague but they have not received the email with their Share Code, what can I do? Posted 08/30/2021 MovieSlate Cloud
3 Q. I signed up with MovieSlate Cloud, when should my account activation email arrive? Posted 08/30/2021 MovieSlate Cloud
4 Q. My Snippets lists sometimes appear empty, how can I fix this? Posted 02/20/2021 Sound Dept
5 Q. I've upgraded to iOS / iPad OS 14 and I can no longer sync to other MovieSlate apps or my WiFi timecode source, how do I resolve this? Posted 10/22/2020 Troubleshooting
6 Q. Is it possible to silence all other notifications, text and emails, but still hear the clap when needing to slate? Posted 09/16/2020 General
7 Q. Why aren't my report emails being sent from my Gmail account? Posted 09/16/2020 Troubleshooting
8 Q. The iPad's internal speaker is not loud enough to hear, can I use an external speaker? Posted 09/15/2020 General
9 Q. I'm trying to email my lined script reports but the iOS Mail app is telling be the file is too big to email, what can I do? Posted 09/15/2020 Script Dept
10 Q. How do I correct Script Dept logging mistakes? Posted 09/05/2020 Script Dept
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