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The Rolls-Royce of Slates

Use MovieSlate’s “Slate” screen to enter basic information about the production, and current shot.

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Slate Features
  • Integrated slate and clapperboard
  • Can lock slate orientation to Landscape or Portrait
  • Edit production information directly on the slate
  • Option to load Director, DP/Cameraman names from Contacts or History
  • Quickly-increment numeric fields like: roll, scene, take
  • Supports FPS rates: 15, 23.976 DF/NDF, 24, 25, 29.97 DF/NDF, 30 DF/NDF, 50, 59.94 DF, 60, 72, 100, custom
  • Digital timer display uses time-of-day, or free running clock time
  • Super easy and fast to “jam” (set) timecode using specialized keypad
  • Timecode continues even when the app is not running
  • Sync timecode to Music Video song in your iTunes library
Ready for Your Close-Up.
Photograph the slate at the start/end of each shot.

Quick Data Entry.
Simply tap on a slate field to change production info directly on the slate. Choose info from default/custom snippets, contacts, or saved history. Enter new info from the keyboard or keypad.

Set Timecode.
Easily "jam" (set) the timecode using an optimized keypad to enter new values, or display clock time-of-day.

Sync Timecode.
Sync to a Music Video song from your iTunes library. With the optional Pro Features subscription, you can even sync with compatible cameras, sound recorders, timecode generators, Timecode Systems hardware, and even other MovieSlates.

Fast roll, scene, take.
Swipe up/down on fields (or use the optimized keypad) to quickly increment/decrement roll, scene, take, slate numbers. MovieSlate can even auto increment Slate and Take after each shot.

Add People Quickly.
Choose director and D.P. names from your contacts, saved history, snippets, or enter them using the keyboard.

Have it Your Way.
You can even customize the slate’s appearance for each production or shot. Choose from various themes, clapper stick designs, slate background colors, slate fonts, and clock timecode colors. Even add your own production logo graphic— which also appears at the top of MovieSlate’s HTML reports.

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