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Teradek Cube, Clip, Slice & Serv Pro

Cut the Cord. Stream camera video wirelessly.

Teradek Cube
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Teradek Cube encoders provide a powerful, compact wireless solution for local monitoring and proxy recording.

With MovieSlate support.
MovieSlate can connect to a Cube and monitor its video stream. Switching between available Cubes on the network is fast and easy.

Tile and organize streams in MovieSlate’s Video tab using drag gestures on the iPad. Zoom an individual stream by double-tapping.

Teradek Slice
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The world’s smallest and lightest H.264 transmitter streams directly to MovieSlate for real-time monitoring and logging over it’s built-in WiFi access point.

Imagine logging your UAV shots with timecode, stills, and notes in MovieSlate!

Image: Teradek Logo Image: Teradek Cube Image: Teradek Clip
MovieSlate-Teradek Features
  • Monitor Streamed output from a supported Teradek unit on the same WiFi Network as MovieSlate
  • View timecode overlay on the video stream
  • Capture stills from a Teradek stream and use them in your logging notes
  • A Teradek Cube, Clip, Slice or Serv Pro
  • The MovieSlate 8 app
  • A WiFi network (the Cube’s own Ad Hoc network, or an infrastructure network)

Image: MovieSlate camera icon Watch. Take Notes. Capture Stills.
The camera’s video stream is a great reference while taking log notes on iPad. Tap the camera icon to save a frame grab with your note— which accompanies reports.

Image: MovieSlate Notes view with streaming video from Teradek Cube

Image: MovieSlate Video tab streaming from Teradek Cube Monitor Camera Video + Timecode.
Connect to a supported Teradek unit over WiFi, and monitor streamed video from its camera— fullscreen. Optionally display MovieSlate timecode & Teradek device info.

Image: MovieSlate Video tab streaming from Teradek Cube
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