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Frequently Asked Question Posted 10/21/2011

When I tap the clappersticks to start a shot, there is no sound from MovieSlate. How do I get the clapper and other sounds to work?

• Make sure that nothing is plugged into the iOS device's headphone jack port. If it is, then all audio is routed to whatever is connected to the headphone jack instead of the speaker.

• Your device's headphone jack port may contain some lint, dust, or rust-- which is causing the device to think that the headphones are still plugged in when they actually aren't. Try blowing out air in the headphone jack or try plugging the headphones in and out repeatedly. Remember to play a song or otherwise output sound when plugging and unplugging your earbuds or headphones.

• Make sure the iOS device's physical mute switch is not on (it is orange when on).

• Make sure the iOS device's volume is all the way up. To test this, play a song from the iPod app, and crank the volume up.

• MovieSlate's > Settings > Slate Behavior > Shot Triggers needs to be one of the 'Tap Clapper' options (not the 'Tap Start Shot button' option).

• MovieSlate's > Settings > Slate Behavior > Clapper Behavior > Play Sound Effects needs to be ON (green checkbox).

• MovieSlate's > Settings > Slate Behavior > Clapper Sound needs to be set to something other than Silent. As a diagnostic test, we also suggest going into this screen and tapping the blue circle-triangle button to the left of each clapper sound. You should hear the sound play when you tap that button.

If none of those suggestions worked, then please try:

• Force-quit the MovieSlate app. Do this by press the Home button once to exit the app. Then press the Home button twice to display a list of running apps at the bottom of the screen. Tap and hold the MovieSlate icon (from this list) until it wiggles, then tap the red X in the upper left corner of the app icon.

• Restart your iOS device. Do this by holding down the power button until the "slide to power off" screen appears. Slide to power off, then press the power button again to start the phone back up.

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