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Frequently Asked Question Posted 09/14/2020

I'm trying to email my lined script reports but the iOS Mail app is telling be the file is too big to email, what can I do?

MovieSlate has two Settings options that can help with this scenario by reducing the size of the reports you are attaching to emails:

1) Flatten Report PDFs. Lined scripts with annotations (markup) get big. Very big. It's not uncommon for the fully lined script PDF to be several hundred megabytes in size. Flattening the annotations reduces the file size of the PDF document at the expense of editability. The annotations in the report PDF are no longer editable but the file size is greatly reduced. Your working script in the logging screen is NOT affected by this setting, only report PDFs are flattened and only when sending new reports.

Settings > Script Dept > Flatten Report PDFs

2) Zip Compress Files. When generating reports this setting tells MovieSlate to also ZIP compress the report file, or files, to reduce report size.

Settings > History Reports > Zip Compress Files

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