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Frequently Asked Question Posted 07/30/2020

We are shooting multiple scenes simultaneously, how can I log and credit those scenes in Script Dept?

Consider that I've set up Script Dept for four scheduled scenes: 1/10, 1/11, 2/20, 2/21.

I'm shooting scene 1/10, the director indicates that we're going to also shoot scene 1/11.

I tap the Plus symbol (+) on the left-side of the SSCEN field:

Additional scene button

Then I tap the large plus symbol( +) in the upper-right of the More Scenes pop-over to add the 1/11 scene:

More scene button

I enter the scene 1/11 and its time and page count: SSCEN, Time, Pages and I make sure that the "Credit Scene in Progress Reports" is turned ON:

Credit Scene

I then record the take so that it is entered into MovieSlate's database. When I generate my Progress Report the 1/11 scene will be credited to the progress report even though we did not explicitly shoot a separate 1/11 scene:

Credit Scene

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