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Frequently Asked Question Posted 05/22/2012

My iPhone / iPad / iPod touch is running out of power at the end of my shooting day, what are some ways I can save power?

This display brightness is a huge battery drain. Try to use the lowest brightness setting you can. Usually on set you can set the brightness pretty low, but for brightly lit or outdoor sets you may not have any other option other than setting the brightness to maximum.

Another drain is operating the GPS radio, if you don't need GPS/address info for your workflow then its best to turn off Location lookups. Go to MovieSlate Settings > Shot Log History > (GPS) Locations for History > and set Find & Save Locations to off.

If you don't need network access (including calls on the iPhone) then you can turn on Airplane Mode to power down the cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth radios. Go to the Settings app > then turn on Airplane Mode. Don't forget to turn it off at the end of your shoot!

Another alternative is a portable battery backup. There are some iPhone cases with built in batteries that extend the run time of your phone. There are others that can take AA batteries and provide a power source for charging. There are still others that have large, high-capacity Lithium-ion batteries that can power and charge several devices all at once. We've listed some here:

Mophie Juice Pack Plus Case and Rechargeable Battery for iPhone 4 & 4S Retail Packaging (Black)

Battery Extenders

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