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The free KeyClips app for macOS

Import and Match Logs+Clips.    Send organized media to Final Cut Pro X.

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Import Logs.
Import from a MovieSlate
mslog file or our MovieSlate Cloud service.

For Logged Shots and/or Keywords.
Keyword Log Data is logged on MovieSlate’s KeyClips screen.
Shot Log Data is logged
on MovieSlate’s Slate, Camera, MultiCam, and Sound Dept screens.

Import Clips.
Load from a fcpxml file exported for selected media from Final Cut Pro X.
Keyword Log Data.
Sequences. Choose to export sequences for specific keyword categories.

Titles. Choose to export bottom-third titles
(when a person first appears within a sequence).

MultiCam. Choose which MultiCam clip angles are used within sequences.

Automation. Choose to auto import clip data, and
auto-export XML to
Final Cut Pro X.

Match Logs + Clips.
Logged FPS
to correct mis-logged framerates.
Project, Shots, Notes, Date
to match specific log data.
Clip Timecode
for clips from cameras that have no timecode.
Clip Date
for proxy media or clips whose dates differ from the logged data’s date.
Clip Time
Clip Name
for matching Clips with Shot Log Data (logged on MovieSlate, Camera, MultiCam, or Sound Dept screens).
Shot Log Data.

Keywords. Choose which keywords to create for Shot Log production metadata— such as roll, scene, take..

the User Guide.
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