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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have them, here are answers to the common ones.

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1 Q. I lost access to my Pro Features or Script Dept features! Posted 05/23/2022 Pro Features
2 Q. My Snippets lists sometimes appear empty, how can I fix this? Posted 02/20/2021 Sound Dept
3 Q. Which sound recorders are supported for Sound Recorder Control? Posted 08/28/2020 Sound Dept
4 Q. Why aren't my Notes appearing in my Sound Report? Posted 07/30/2020 Sound Dept
5 Q. How can I use the Timecode Sync plugin with my DSLR or portable audio/voice recorder for my projects? Posted 12/06/2016 Timecode Sync
6 Q. How can sound recorders auto start/stop MovieSlate? Posted 10/04/2016 Sound Dept
7 Q. Are all Pro Features compatible with each other? Posted 08/20/2015 Plugins
8 Q. Can MovieSlate's Sound Department plug-in send my sound reports in Acrobat PDF format? Posted 02/03/2012 Sound Dept
9 Q. I purchased a MovieSlate plugin on one iOS device, do I have to buy it again on my other iOS device? Posted 11/01/2011 Sales
10 Q. How do I purchase MovieSlate plugins? Posted 11/01/2011 Sales
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