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Backup + Restore all your Data

Keep all your valuable MovieSlate data safe + secure in MSCloud

Restore is equally fast, easy, free.

Image: MovieSlate Cloud Backup - Restored Go to the MovieSlate Cloud section of the app’s Setttings screen. Make sure you’re signed in.

Then tap the Restore button and choose a backup from the list. MovieSlate downloads and replaces your current data with the data contained in the Backup.

Multiple Backups. Pro Feature

Your free MovieSlate Cloud membership provides storage of a single backup to the cloud. A paid Pro Features subscription provides multiple backups— useful when working on multiple productions, or archiving off large amounts of data.

Image: MovieSlate Cloud Backup - Choose a backup to Restore
Why Backup + Restore?

Ever need to replace your iPad or iPhone because of damage or lack of battery power? Installing MovieSlate on another of your devices is easy and free. But what about your data and settings?

A Simple, Wireless backup solution.

Movieslate Cloud makes it easy, fast, and free to backup all your data on one device, and restore it to another— over the air, all without cables, a computer, or iTunes. And this service is part of your free MovieSlate Cloud membership.

Image: MovieSlate Cloud Backup - Backup Confirmed Backup is fast, easy, free.

Go to the MovieSlate Cloud section of the app’s Setttings screen. Make sure you’re signed in.

Tap the Backup button and enter the backup’s name. That’s it! Your backup remains on MSCloud until you choose to delete it using the MovieSlate app.

Backup is safe + secure.

All MSCloud data communications employ SSL enryption to protect against wireless snooping. And once the data reaches our servers, data is securely encrypted.

Group Sharing. Pro Feature

MovieSlate Cloud Groups make it easy to quickly and securely share data with colleagues. MovieSlate Pro Features subscribers can create MovieSlate Cloud Groups, invite colleagues to join the group, and choose which of their backups to share. Learn More

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