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The Rolls-Royce
of slate apps
Quote from The Rolls-Royce of clapper board apps

The MovieSlate® app for iPad + iPhone— Slate, Log, Report.

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Fancy Reports

without the hassle

Export and email history reports in popular formats: HTML, XML, Final Cut 7 and X, Avid ALE, Adobe Prelude and Premiere, CSV, tab-delimited, and custom MultiCam and Sound Reports. Learn more

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Shot Log History

done the easy way

Get fast, searchable access to the shot info you need, without wading through hours of footage.

With each closing of the clapper, all of a shot’s production, GPS location, and timecode data is stored to MovieSlate’s Shot Log History. Learn more

Add capabilities to enhance your particular workflow, and sync with pro hardware.

Get these Optional Features from MovieSlate’s In-App Store:

MovieSlate + KeyClips

organize your media in Final Cut Pro X

Get fast, searchable access to clips and metadata in FCPX— without wading through hours of footage. Learn more

Script Dept

for Script Supervisors

The fast, easy way to line scripts, simultaneously log data, and generate reports. Learn more

Timecode Sync

Receive timecode from, and send timecode to cameras, sound recorders, and timecode generators.

Image: Denecke TS-TCB IntelliSlate

Denecke, the industry standard for electronic time code slates, co-developed this Pro feature with PureBlend. So you can expect fast, reliable detection of incoming LTC timecode, with one frame or less of drift per hour. Learn more

Timecode Systems


With the Timecode Sync feature, MovieSlate users can enjoy SMPTE timecode that’s synched over WiFi in real time from extremely accurate Timecode Systems hubs. The hub settings, timecode, userbits, and framerate can all be changed directly from MovieSlate. Learn more

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Reality MultiCam

Simultaneously log data and notes for up to 26 cameras. View MultiCam shot data from MovieSlate’s History screens, and export MultiCam log data to Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer. This Pro feature includes a dedicated MultiCam report. Designed by and for Reality & Documentary shooters. Learn more

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Sound Dept

This Pro feature makes it trivially easy for Sound Mixers to log sound department meta data in real time, or from sound recorder CSV files. Learn more

Recorder Sync

Now you can sync your Sound Devices 6-series recorder with MovieSlate 8. Sync metadata, timecode, and control recording state via Timecode Systems’ :wave or :pulse hubs. Learn more

Sound Reports

are stunning!

Quickly generate daily Sound Reports from MovieSlate— and start enjoying rave reviews from the folks in post production. Learn more

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MovieSlate Cloud Pro

secure production data services

Backup your shot data to the cloud. Restore your shot data to any of your devices. Securely share shot log data with colleagues. Learn more

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Customize + Share

between your devices,
between your colleagues

Customize MovieSlate’s tabs, colors, snippets, and other settings and share amongst all your iOS devices and other MovieSlate Cloud members. Learn more

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