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Digital Movie Clapboard for iPad Replaces $1,350 Uni-Tasker (article)Back
by Wired Gadget Lab

Short article comparing MovieSlate and a Denecke TS-3:

“Above you see two time slates, essential movie tools which let you identify each shot and sync audio and video with the familiar clap action. The one on the left is the Deneke TS-3, a 2.35-pound dedicated slate that costs $1,350 (the cheapest Deneke makes). On the right you see the new Movie Slate clapboard app for the iPad. It costs $20, and weighs 1.5-pounds when installed.

Now, I’m no expert in clapboards, but Alex Lindsay, movie-maker, ex-ILM effects guy and MacBreak Weekly regular, is. Here’s his Tweet on the subject: “Digital Slate on an iPad… Deneke should to scared… very scared…”

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