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Cloud Services for MovieSlate Users

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Data Backup + Restore

Image: MovieSlate Cloud Backup - Backup Confirmed Backup and protect your valuable History Shot Log data and MovieSlate Settings by saving everything to the cloud with just a tap.

Image: MovieSlate Cloud Backup - Restored Restore data and settings from the cloud to any of your iOS devices.Learn More

Share Workspaces (app Settings)

Image: Workspace Download menu from the MovieSlate app
Save time and effort by saving all your MovieSlate settings, snippets, and workflow steps to Workspaces.

Standardize workflows by sharing Workspaces between all your iOS devices, and with production collegues.Learn More


Group Sharing Pro Feature

Share your Backup & Settings data with other MovieSlate Cloud members running MovieSlate 8. Create and manage Groups of MovieSlate Cloud members to create a simple way to share your data from production to post. Learn More

Project Sharing Pro Feature

Image: Project Sharing menu from the MovieSlate app
Share your project data with other MovieSlate Cloud members or your other iOS devices running MovieSlate.

Share data with a another unit, a sub-contractor, or members of a different department. You can share data with any other registered members of MovieSlate Cloud. A Pro Features subscription is required for sending project data, free members may receive sent data. Learn More

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Image: MovieSlate Cloud iconMembership is Free + Easy

Sign up for MovieSlate Cloud from the app’s Settings screen. To securely activate your account, follow the instructions we’ll send you in an email.

With Free Membership
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  • Backup data + settings to the cloud
  • Restore data + settings from the cloud
  • Share workspaces between devices + colleagues
With a Pro Features Subscription
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  • All features provided in the Free membership level plus:
  • Save multiple data + settings backups
  • Share data + settings with colleagues
  • Create Groups and manage members who can share data with the entire group.
  • And more to come...
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