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MovieSlate + KeyClips (for FCPX) Pro Feature

Organize your footage for easy access in Final Cut Pro X

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Organized Content is Easier to Use.

Get fast, searchable access to clips and metadata, without wading through hours of footage.

MovieSlate effortlessly logs as you shoot.

KeyClips (app on macOS) organizes media into Final Cut Pro X events, folders, selects, and sequences— with notes, markers, shot+production metadata, and optional bottom-third titles
(see examples at left).

Image: MovieSlate, KeyClips Final Cut Pro X metadata cycle
Streamlined Workflow.

MovieSlate8 logs footage— as keywords, or as shots. Learn More

KeyClips imports+matches MovieSlate log data and Final Cut Pro X clip data. Learn More

Final Cut Pro X imports XML from KeyClips— which organizes your footage . Learn More

Original Event
remains intact and untouched.
Event Folders
  • Activities
  • KeyClips (keywords)
  • Locations
  • People
  • People-Activities
  • People-Topics
  • Topics
The KeyClips Event contains keyword clip-selects, organized in category folders— with optional shot+production metadata.
People-Topics Event contains a
Sequence for each Person, with their Topics subclips.
Bottom-Third Titles
are created for the first time a person appears within a sequence.
Markers are created for clips and wherever a clip appears in a sequence.
Credits Productions
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