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The MovieSlate App
A convenient, all-in-one digital slate, clapper board, shot log, and notepad is used for film, TV, documentaries, music videos, and interviews, this professional production tool is the easy way to log footage and take notes as you shoot— saving you valuable time later when capturing/editing footage, and creating reports.

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Pro Features
Increase MovieSlate's capabilities by adding Pro Features:
  • Sound Dept workflow for production sound mixers.
  • Reality Multicam workflow for easy reality TV and documentary production.
  • KeyClips keyword-based logging for Final Cut Pro X.
  • Timecode syncing-- between MovieSlates, pro equipment LTC, Tentacle Sync E, Timecode Systems UltraSync Blue, Atomos Atom X.
  • Sync with wireless timecode slates: BETSO WTCS-1 and Denecke TS-TCB WiFi smart slates.
  • RED DSMC camera metadata sync and transport control.

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Script Dept
Save hours every work week with MovieSlate’s Script Dept. Easily log data while lining a script, with no need to enter/transcribe data later.

When production wraps for the day, MovieSlate promptly generates script reports and emails them to your distribution list. Loaded with time-saving features, MovieSlate helps you work faster and smarter than pencil+paper or other digital solutions. After all, time is money.

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The video demonstrates how to enter production and shot information.

Shown are some features that were introduced in MovieSlate 8:

* Swipe numeric fields to increment/decrement
* Set a custom production graphic
* Snippets
* Field Input Styles

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Demonstrates various techniques:

* Starting a shot
* Ending a shot
* False takes
* Credits animations
* Flasher graphics

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Timecode Sync Pro Feature
See the Timecode Sync Pro Feature in action:
  • Receive timecode from external devices
  • Send timecode to external devices
  • WiFi sync between MovieSlates on iOS devices

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Demonstrates shortcuts for entering camera meta-data quickly:

* Shutter speed
* Aperture (increment F-stops)
* Feet/Inches
* Snippets
* Automated file naming

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Music Video
Demonstrates how to use Music Video mode on iPads as well as iPhones/iPod touches:
  • Syncing music
  • Choosing music
  • Setting start/end points
  • Starting takes
  • Moving start/end points
  • Set Markers

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Shot Notes
Demonstrates how to:
  • Take notes before, during, after a shot
  • Camera notes
  • Voice notes
  • Snippets and Snippet groups

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Sound Dept Pro Feature
Demonstrates the Sound Department Pro Feature in action:
  • Setting production and shot data
  • Project meta-data (that appears in reports)
  • Snippets
  • Sound file names
  • Sound tracks
  • Sound reports

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MovieSlate Cloud
Demonstrates the features of the MovieSlate Cloud service:
  • Shot Data Backups
  • Workspace / Settings Sharing
  • Data Sharing

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RED Camera Sync Pro Feature
Sync with a RED DSMC v1 or v2 camera to control transport, exposure, aperture, and sync metadata such as timecode, filename, and smart lens information.

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Denecke TS-TCB Sync Pro Feature
See how the new Denecke TS-TCB smart slate works with MovieSlate over WiFi to sync timecode, start shots with clappersticks, and choose credits to display on the slate's second digital display.

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Reality Multicam Pro Feature
See how MovieSlate's Reality Multicam PRO feature can help your reality workflow by logging up to 26 cameras with ratings, notes, camera roll, and camera operator.

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Script Dept Subscription
Script Supervisors: deftly log data while lining scripts. Save precious time with smart tools + reports.

This video demonstrates the features of the MovieSlate 8 Script Dept subscription.
  • Line Scripts
  • Logging Data
  • Taking Notes
  • Creating Reports
  • Generate Breakdowns
  • Auto-Highlight Characters
  • Number Dialogue
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Sound Recorder SyncPro Feature
By connecting your Sound Devices 6-Series mixer/recorder to a Timecode Systems :wave or :pulse hubs timecode (with genlock), MovieSlate 8 can efficiently exchange metadata, sync timecode, and handle transport controls within your production workflow.

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KeyClips - Overview
An overview of MovieSlate + KeyClips: Keyword-based logging for Final Cut Pro X and clip matching for shot-based FCPX workflows. Video 1 of 3.

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KeyClips - Keyword-based logging
An overview of MovieSlate + KeyClips keyword-based logging for Final Cut Pro X. How to setup KeyClips logging in MovieSlate; basic and advanced KeyClips logging features and techniques. Video 2 of 3.

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KeyClips - Editing
An overview of MovieSlate + KeyClips log data in Final Cut Pro X. How to import and match log data against FCPX clips. Export to FCPX for both keyword-based and shot-based workflows. Video 3 of 3.

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Adding a Missing Shot
Let’s say we've forgotten to log a take of our scene. We can add that missing shot by cloning an existing shot, and editing the cloned shot’s values to match the missing take.

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Changing Progress Report Totals
Progress Report day totals are automatically calculated from your logged shot data.

If you find yourself in a situation where a Day’s totals need to differ from the calculated values, then you can manually adjust the totals.

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Changing the Logged Day
Perhaps you forgot to advance the DAY field and then logged shots with the wrong Shooting DAY.

No problem! You can re-assign those shots to a different Shooting DAY on the History tab.

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Changing the Page Number
If a take was mistakenly logged with the wrong script PAGE number, the PAGE number can be corrected from the History tab.

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Correcting Common Mistakes
When a shot ends, all logged data is saved to MovieSlate’s History-- which can be seen and edited from the History tab’s screens.

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Correcting Shot Date and Time
I've logged some shots with today’s date, but they were actually shot on a different date. So let’s change their dates.

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Importing Script PDFs
There are several methods you can use get your Script into MovieSlate: Email attachments, AirDrop, the Files app.

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Log a Series take
If your production shoots a series of takes without cutting, you can use the timecode display’s LAP feature to log a series of Performance Laps within a single Take.

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Logging Multiple Scenes
You can easily log multiple scenes that are shot simultaneously using the More Scenes tool.

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MovieSlate Cloud Backups
Use MovieSlate Cloud to make snapshot Backup of your logging data, notes, and script PDF files.

If your iPad is ever lost, stolen, or damaged then you can quickly restore your work from a Backup to another iPad.

You can also share Backups with colleagues.

Script Dept subscriptions provide an unlimited number of Backups, so for safety sake, we recommend that you backup regularly-- like each time you wrap for the day.

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Project naming for TV Episodes
How MovieSlate manages TV series names and episodes.

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Timecode in Reports
You can optionally include timecode in your Facing Pages or Editor's Log reports.

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