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“Thank you so much for this incredible program. I know I only use a small portion of its power, but it has saved me an unbelievable amount of time. I mainly use it to sync multi-cam shoots, and it works flawlessly for that, but I also found another use for” 

Kirk Baggott
Visicor Media
I found another use for the MovieSlate app. I do video editing for several large conferences throughout the year and they have always wanted to pull clips from speakers on site... possible, but very difficult and time consuming. I have now (quite successfully) handed an iPad off to someone to take notes and used the timecode to find the exact quotes they highlight. I am able to provide a better product for a fraction of the cost. A job that used to take several days to produce (imagine looking through 10 hours of footage for 10 good quotes) can now be finished in an hour or two on site. My clients are thrilled with the end results and, best of all, they get to be involved in the process without having to learn a complicated program.

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