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“PureBlend taking the slate all the way. I am recommending it to as all of the Icelandic film industry and people are starting to use it. But maybe not using the fullest potentials. But still using it. 100% perfect product.” 

Bui Baldvinsson
Reykjavik, Iceland
The MovieSlate application is perfect in so many ways...

You have a backlit digislate.

Timecode from and to camera without having problems.

Play the music to the playback when shooting music video "from the digislate" otherwise you would need a playback unit.

And so many other things.

To be able to have the iPad on the set. And remote from the iPhone. Just mindblowing.

I would like to thank PureBlend for creating this application, and for listening to all our feature requests.

Perfect application. And so much cheaper than a digislate.

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