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“I really enjoy the Sound Dept plugin. I can quickly log clear, concise info. Sound Reports project the image I want; no more messy handwriting or scratched out scene numbers. Post-Production loves the track labeling; we get heaps of praise from Editorial.” 

Brett Grant-Grierson, C.A.S.
'Sons of Anarchy'
I wanted to simplify my life, and generate sound reports quickly. I also wanted to “go green” by sending electronic sound reports to post production. For those two reasons, I started looking for an alternative to the hand-written paper reports I had always relied upon.

Well, MovieSlate's Sound Dept plugin turned out to be the perfect solution. At the end of the day, my final Sound Report has all the information that post needs. And it looks great, projecting the professional image I want to convey.

If there is one App worth buying an iPad for, it is MovieSlate!

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