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What industry professionals are saying about MovieSlate. And how the app is helping them.

Image: Portrait of Joe Foglia, C.A.S.

“I’ve been waiting my entire career for something like MovieSlate’s “Sound Department†plugin. It has already saved me an hour each day of shooting.” The whole story

Joe Foglia, C.A.S.
'Justified' season 3, 'Scrubs','Castle'
Image: Portrait of Richard Lightstone, C.A.S.

“I love this app! I highly recommend MovieSlate. The 'Circle Takes' feature in the 'History' section is worth the price alone. The 'Sound Dept†plugin is perfect for keeping my Sound Logs, Track Assignments and Metadata in one place.” The whole story

Richard Lightstone, C.A.S.
'LOST', 'Men of a Certain Age'
Image: Portrait of Brett Grant-Grierson, C.A.S.

“I really enjoy the Sound Dept plugin. I can quickly log clear, concise info. Sound Reports project the image I want; no more messy handwriting or scratched out scene numbers. Post-Production loves the track labeling; we get heaps of praise from Editorial.” The whole story

Brett Grant-Grierson, C.A.S.
'Sons of Anarchy'
Image: Portrait of David Barr-Yaffe, C.A.S.

“Movie Slate offers reliable, versatile logging, customizable reports, multiple delivery methods, jam synced time code and terrific tech support. Together with my two independent recorders I now have a complete and winning combination.” The whole story

David Barr-Yaffe, C.A.S.
'LOST', 'Monk', 'House MD'
Image: Portrait of Stavros Stavrides, Producer/Director

“Thanks for an incredible product. It’s spreading throughout the production community. And thanks for your prompt reply to issues as they came up on earlier releases. Dealing directly with the developer is a pleasure, and your support is number one.” The whole story

Stavros Stavrides, Producer/Director
'The Antarctica Challenge'
Image: Portrait of Steve Morantz, C.A.S.

“MovieSlate has been great. Post loves it and I have stopped sending paper sound reports in. We are very happy with the app. I have a timecode cable ordered, and am anxious to use the Timecode Sync plugin.” 

Steve Morantz, C.A.S.
'Parks and Recreation'
Image: Portrait of Kirk Baggott

“Thank you so much for this incredible program. I know I only use a small portion of its power, but it has saved me an unbelievable amount of time. I mainly use it to sync multi-cam shoots, and it works flawlessly for that, but I also found another use for” The whole story

Kirk Baggott
Visicor Media
Image: Portrait of Bui Baldvinsson

“PureBlend taking the slate all the way. I am recommending it to as all of the Icelandic film industry and people are starting to use it. But maybe not using the fullest potentials. But still using it. 100% perfect product.” The whole story

Bui Baldvinsson
Reykjavik, Iceland
Image: Portrait of Graham Essenhigh

“Best app out there for a pro production company. You’ve just saved me thousands on replacing our old Denecke slate (that used to drop a frame about every three hours). You’ll be pleased to know yours has been bench testing for 7+ Hrs now and not dropped” The whole story

Graham Essenhigh
Bubble Production Company, UK
Image: Portrait of Adam J. Richman

“I use MovieSlate for most of my shoots, primarily on my iPhone as a note-taker. I showed the app to a production company I work for. They were really impressed with the notes I handed off to their editor via email-- much better than paper versions.” 

Adam J. Richman
Filmmaking & Design
Image: Portrait of Digital Video Experts

“This app comes HIGHLY recommended by my company, Digital Video Experts, Sydney, Australia. The iPad version is a MUST, very easy to use and has all the functions we need. We mainly use it when filming training videos.” The whole story

Digital Video Experts
Sydney, Australia
Image: Portrait of Samantha Simmonds

“We use the MovieSlate on every shoot, we have found it totally indispensable. With the amount of filming we do it streamlines our post production process perfectly. Honestly we just cannot praise this app enough!” The whole story

Samantha Simmonds
'Project 52 Weeks'
Image: Portrait of Paul Scurrell, founder Timecode Systems

“There was really no point in us reinventing the wheel by developing our own paid logging app. It made far more sense to collaborate with the market leader. With all its innovative features, MovieSlate has become the industry standard.” 

Paul Scurrell, founder Timecode Systems
Makers of the Timecode Buddy: system
Image: Portrait of Jonah Guelzo, AudioTuts+ Author

“Movie Slate is extremely powerful and robust, yet very manageable to deal with and am constantly finding new ways for how it can be used. It has saved me money, time, and effort. And in the production world... that's huge.” The whole story

Jonah Guelzo, AudioTuts+ Author

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